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3 Meaningful Insights from IFMA's Facility Fusion Conference

3 Meaningful Insights from IFMA's Facility Fusion Conference

One thing is clear: it's an exciting time to be in Facility Management! So let's discuss the most compelling insights from last week's International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Facility Fusion Conference.

Facility management conferences are an excellent way to remain updated on the latest developments, trends, and products in the building management industry. In addition, they are vital for gaining knowledge from industry thought leaders to propel our organization into the future.

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Facility Fusion conference was held in Austin, Texas, from April 26 -28, 2022. This year's expo brought together subject matter experts and thought leaders from across the industry.

At Intellis, we are excited to continue bringing innovation to Facility Management (FM) and Capital Planning to empower this vital industry to grow into a genuinely transformational sector.

So what were the top 3 insights from IFMA's 2022 Facility Fusion Conference? Let's discuss!

1. Exhilarating High-Tech Applications Are Here

The technology revolution continues to gain endorsement in Facility Management and Capital Planning. Emerging tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D modeling, BIM mapping, thermodynamic detection for Facility Condition Assessment, and more!

Artificial Intelligence technologies are making a significant impact on society and the facilities management industry. As a result, facility managers can leverage current Artificial Intelligence capabilities to increase contributions to revenue and efficiency.

Listen to CEO Steven Warshaw talk about bringing all these new technologies together in a meaningful way on the FM Innovator Podcast.

AI has the potential to optimize buildings by using collected data from meters, utilities, BMSs, sensors, and connected equipment. In addition, AI can automatically respond to changing conditions in the weather, occupancy, and equipment performance so that owners and operators of buildings can optimize energy savings and increase comfort.

Find out which emerging tech trends matter for Facility Management.

Artificial Intelligence enables buildings to become more responsive to the rapidly changing demands of tenants, such as sustainability goals, comfort requests, office layouts, and technology-driven amenities.

2. Facility Managers focus on Climate Change 

The role that facility managers will play in mitigating the impact of climate change while improving the resilience of their facilities is a top concern. The health of our buildings and infrastructure directly impacts the well-being of humans and the environment.

Learn how Intellis can help build your climate resilience plan.

Maintaining the built environment—our buildings, dams, bridges, power grids, and transportation systems—is crucial. It is in our environmental interest to regularly maintain and improve our infrastructure to boost sustainability and thus better protect our natural world for the future. 

Discover how we leverage expertise in software development and engineering to improve the health of the built environment.

Strategic facility management, condition assessment, preventative maintenance, repair, and long-term capital planning are essential. The FOUNDATION solution empowers facility managers and capital planners to develop these critical climate plans with greater efficiency and helps protect the life-cycle of physical assets of complex facility portfolios.

3. Central to Maintaining the Health of the Built Environment is Facility Management Optimization 

Investing in and planning for climate resilience is a priority for facility managers and capital planners. However, meeting this growing need is no simple feat. With increasingly limited budgets for facility and capital planning departments, it cannot be easy to make improvements.

This scarcity of funding means that many facility departments don’t have the excess budgeting necessary for what was historically unexpected but is now increasingly anticipated—the damage and destruction of infrastructure due to extreme weather events related to climate change. 

Software solutions such as FOUNDATION help businesses better organize their facility management departments, leading to less unplanned downtime, higher productivity, and better business performance.

When facility managers move from organizing inspection and maintenance with paper, pen, and clipboards to implementing software solutions such as FOUNDATION, customers can reduce costs seven to nine times.

Facility managers must increase productivity demands alongside time and budget constraints. By implementing an enterprise facility management solution such as Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution, managers will be able to improve their organizations' financial and operational outlooks.


The FOUNDATION platform empowers facilities in many industry sectors! FOUNDATION consists of 4 primary functions:

  • Conditions enable users to gather onsite inspection data directly on a mobile device, create real-time reports, and drive deficiency-based renewal and replacement planning.
  • Needs: analyzes data collected through Conditions to track and prioritize deficiencies across the entire network of buildings and grounds.
  • Projects: automatically scopes, estimates, and schedules facility management and capital planning projects.
  • Plans: integrates with enterprise financial systems to provide real-time views of commitments and spending.

From Assessments to Capital Planning—Build your FOUNDATION with us. Learn more.

This year's IFMA Facility Fusion conference has the Intellis team feeling uplifted by the many facilities professionals across the United States. We are excited about all the creative ways facility management is improving. The possibilities are plentiful for future optimized facilities.

Our mission is to harness these latest tech advancements with our mobile enterprise solutions, such as FOUNDATION, to provide our clients with the best software solutions to ensure healthy building and infrastructure operations while reducing costs, improving productivity, and boosting sustainability.

Talk to us directly to learn how our software and solutions can help your facility management team!

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