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Improve student experience and increase enrollment with facility condition assessment and capital planning software for colleges and universities. From long-range capital planning to ongoing facilities management, FOUNDATION by Intellis has proven functionality and capabilities to ensure that campus facilities and grounds are always prepared to successfully deliver on your school's mission.


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Optimize Resources

Intellis strategic planning software for higher education provides a comprehensive view of all facilities in your portfolio. It allows you to optimize condition assessments and resources and ensure physical assets and resources are optimized to the fullest potential. By identifying underused areas and reallocating them for different purposes, you can maximize your resources and improve the overall efficiency of your campus. Our cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution has helped facilities managers optimize maintenance efforts and improve efficiency across multiple assets and buildings.

Streamline Capital Planning

Higher Education Facility Planning software and assessment services can help you procure accurate, objective, and defensible data and insights to know the current conditions of all physical assets, prioritize spending and budgets, and secure the required funding. Our software makes creating, managing, and updating your capital plans easy. With Intellis, you can track your projects from start to finish, monitor their progress, and keep stakeholders informed at every step. This streamlined approach ensures that your capital plans are completed on time and within budget, allowing you to focus on providing the best educational experience.

Improve Decision-Making

Intellis' Facility Capital Planning software lets you make more informed decisions about your facilities. Our software provides detailed data and insights, including cost estimates, timelines, and resource allocation, enabling you to evaluate the potential impact of different scenarios before making a decision. This helps you make more informed decisions and ensures that your capital plans are aligned with your overall strategic goals. Intellis Facility Capital Planning software improves the overall quality of facilities, enhances the learning environment, and provides a better experience for students, faculty, and staff. The less time you and your colleagues spend on tedious administration, the more time you can focus on delivering an empowering student experience.

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5 ways Facility Condition Assessment software makes college and university capital planning more efficient!

Discover the top 5 ways software makes college and university capital planning more efficient!

Unlocking Success: How Innovative Solutions Transform Higher Education Facilities

Unlocking Success: How Intellis Solutions Transforms Higher Education Facilities!

Get the Intellis Difference


  • Implement intelligent, automated software that you can rely on
  • Capture the complete picture of your facility operations in one integrated database
  • Track and analyze all work, assets, and equipment from one dashboard


  • Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner
  • Make data-driven decisions to save your school time and money
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals and own your operations


  • View the full data story of your operations in one place
  • Share reports quickly and efficiently to gain buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Join a community of education leaders; share and learn best practices
Discover how Intellis Solutions transforms facility condition assessments and capital planning. Schedule Demo



“The new system has led to much more reliable data and high-quality assurance. Now we can quickly respond to changing requirements and share information quickly. More of our time can now be spent on data analysis rather than data entry. We now have our capital plan and reports at our fingertips.”

—NYC Board of Education Capital Plan Executive

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