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When managing hundreds or thousands of vendors, how do you ensure compliance, perform due diligence, and model vendor selection risk?
Vendor Qualification System (VQS)

Leverage Purpose-built Technology to Qualify your Suppliers

The Vendor Qualification System (VQS) by Intellis is an integrated, cloud-based platform that empowers your teams to quickly review and evaluate suppliers, so you can improve ROI and reduce risk. Clients use VQS to boost profitability with intelligent tools built to streamline workflows and avoid costly oversights.

Go beyond an ERP and gain a comprehensive solution that quickly configures to your workflows, your permissions, and your organization while saving time—many clients get VQS running in just 2 to 3 weeks.





VQS Benefits

Empower your process to improve profitability and mitigate risk.

Clients enjoy increased transparency and communication between Supplier representatives and internal management teams, ensuring all parties are reconciled and can continue to actively engage in the Procurement process.


Real-time reporting, analysis, and review.


Clear communication at every step of the procurement process.

Rapid Deployment

Get going in as little as 2 to 3 weeks with configurations that fit your workflow.

Fast Adoption

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to adopt as part of your procurement process.


Our system can accommodate an unlimited number of business rules, based on your organization's needs.

Consistent Standards

For global companies, compliance and consistency across projects, regions, and sites.

Improved Efficiency

Consistent workflows and handoffs resulting in predictability, saved time, and reduced waste.


Eliminate paper by going digital; and with cloud support, there's no need for IT.



Global capability

Web-based modules for 24/7 access

Comprehensive configuration features

Permissions-based workflows and views

Support for distinct business units

Reporting and analysis

Mapping and map-based searches

Cutting-edge security screening

Mobile site inspections

Invitation to bid

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