Steven Warshaw


Mr. Warshaw is a leading expert in the field of mobile computing, beginning his career pioneering mobile inspection technology at Parsons Brinkerhoff, developing handheld inspection device applications. Throughout Mr. Warshaw’s 20+ year career, he has been in the business of building software applications for mobile and wireless devices, and has expertise in a wide variety of disciplines, from business analysis and senior project management to large-scale system design, development, programming, and architecture. Mr. Warshaw has a B.S. and a M.S. in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering. He is an alumnus of the CORO Civic Leadership Program.

Eri Shulga

SVP of Strategy and Operations

Eri has over 15 years of experience managing strategy and operations with a focus on consistently new revenue-generating product development, market innovations, and cross-functional process improvement. Before joining Intellis, Eri was leading the product team at SmartLinx Solutions through a 40% annual growth. Prior to that, Eri led multiple successful product teams which serviced clients across various industries, including JPMorgan Chase, Eli Lilly, and NOAA. Eri holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Milica Ristic

Senior Account Executive

Milica is an accomplished, multilingual professional, who has been consistently recognized for achievement and performance in the industry. Innovative and successful in establishing business alliances and partnerships, Milica has a long record of successfully guiding clients to make clear and concise decisions that support their organization's infrastructure and capital planning goals. Her unique background serving a wide variety of clients gives her an outside-the-box approach to building relationships and seeking solutions for their unique challenges. Milica holds a BA in Finance and Economics from Educons University in Serbia. 

Jamie Danjoint

Director of Customer Experience

Jamie is a dynamic leader with over 14 years of proven success in building and driving customer support and service strategies in the SaaS industry. She has a natural ability to build relationships that drive cross-functional change and improves overall customer satisfaction. Jamie received her BS in Business Administration from Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC. Jamie is an expert at leading, motivating, and inspiring geographically dispersed teams, and serves as customers' trusted adviser to support short- and long-term business strategies. 

Carmen Macias

Director of Project Management, Group Product Manager

Carmen Macias is critical to Intellis's key client success, and her work at the company includes project management of existing and new projects, database design and development. As Director of Project Management, Carmen defines and maintains the highest standard of quality and drives the latest development of our solutions, methodology, and culture, bringing expertise in project management and operations to the definition and execution of the group’s strategy. Carmen holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Queens College. She also holds a certificate in Software Engineering from NYU School of Continuing Education.

Justin Seto

Director of Technology

Justin Seto has been a with the company since its founding in 1996 and has played an integral role in the growth and evolution of our technology. As Director of Technology, Strategy, and Innovation, Justin serves as the primary point-of-contact and thought partner for the rest of the organization to generate ideas and support identification of technical improvements. Working closely with our development teams, Justin helps organize and showcase technology capabilities and solution opportunities, and is a critical resource and subject matter expert in the discovery, evaluation, and selection of innovative technologies. Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Art History.
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