Our Systems

Our flagship FOUNDATION solution supports the complete physical asset lifecycle, empowering decision makers with greater strategic insight, improving value with reliable data and objective analysis, and optimizing long-term investments in physical assets. We go beyond conditions assessments to help organizations see (and plan for) the future of their built environment, decades ahead. 

While VQS (Vendor Qualification System) is an integrated, cloud-based platform that helps clients ensure compliance, perform due diligence, and model vendor selection risk - even when managing hundreds or thousands of vendors and subcontractors across projects and regions.

Intellis provides versatile mobile enterprise systems that are applicable to many fields and industries, from government and education, to healthcare and construction. To contact Intellis regarding pricing or sales, or for general information about our products and services, reach us at:

Intellis (formerly Warshaw Group)
475 Park Ave South, 11th Floor
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Tel: (212) 966-4056

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