The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is responsible for over 2500 buildings, including public housing and associated city-owned commercial units.

The goal of the project was and continues to be to establish and maintain a comprehensive Needs Assessment Database of building conditions that adversely affect the intended utilization of the NYCHA facilities portfolio.


NYCHA needed to inspect every unit for structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and architectural condition within a year’s time, and to generate reports that would calculate needed repairs and associated costs.

In addition, they wanted to evaluate their assets for environmental efficiency. NYCHA needed a system that could provide efficient, reliable mobile data collection and robust reporting so that they could complete their inspections on an accelerated schedule, repeat inspections in subsequent years with a great deal of accuracy, and generate comprehensive reports.


Intellis provided the FOUNDATION platform for data collection on mobile devices, which allowed inspectors to collect inspection data in the field at all NYCHA housing sites located throughout the City.

The software incorporates reference information and built-in logic to guide inspectors in their data collection, and algorithms to calculate such data as the remaining useful life of housing components. Intellis also provided a device provisioning application to manage the upload and download of data between the server and the more than 45 field devices, and a quality assurance application to verify the accuracy of the data being collected.

A sophisticated reporting engine was developed using Intellis’s FOUNDATION software for the many reports needed by NYCHA on the condition of their assets and included a Unit Costing System and a Deficiency Costing and Prioritization System for capital plan generation.

Intellis performed the following:
  • Consulting on project scope, questionnaire content, and logistics
  • System design and development
  • Configuration of questionnaire developer
  • Configuration of results manager for quality assurance and provisioning tools
  • Configuration of FOUNDATION platform, including reports server, unit costing system, deficiency costing, and prioritization system
  • Inspector and quality assurance training
  • Technical training and support

Solution & Benefits

With FOUNDATION, the Facilities Condition Assessment System field data collection solution, NYCHA was able to collect a vast amount of data with a great deal of accuracy and efficiency in a way that can be repeated in future.

The FOUNDATION platform, an integrated Facility Condition Assessment System, enabled NYCHA to include a condition-based rating system which functioned by assigning a numerical value from 1 to 5 for each building and component, existing deficiencies, recommended maintenance requirements, system repairs and long-term capital planning needs for five-, ten-, and fifteen-year capital improvement plans for approximately 2,500 buildings belonging to NYCHA.

The system allowed NYCHA to obtain a detailed visual condition survey and an engineering assessment of the facilities’ condition, evaluation of the remaining useful life of components, development of repair versus replacement recommendations, determination of cost estimates, and assessment of infrastructure issues related to each facility.

Importantly, The FOUNDATION platform generated comprehensive reports for NYCHA's capital improvement plan based on the insights collected by Intellis software.

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