At Intellis, we understand the unique challenges facing governmental agencies today. From rigorous oversight to compliance regulations, our team of subject matter experts has more than 20  years of experience partnering with public sector clients on developing capital plans and getting projects funded. Our solutions provide governmental organizations with the data and insights they need to develop justifiable capital plans for managing resources more efficiently, optimizing physical assets, and strategically planning for a better future.


Optimize Resources

Intellis' Facility Capital Planning software provides a comprehensive view of your portfolio's facilities and physical assets. It allows you to optimize facility condition assessments and resources and ensure that physical assets and facility management resources are utilized to their fullest potential.

By identifying underused areas and reallocating them for different purposes, you can maximize your resources and improve the overall efficiency of your campus. Our cloud-based facilities lifecycle management solution has helped facilities managers optimize maintenance efforts and improve efficiency across their assets and buildings.

Streamline Capital Planning

Our capital planning software and assessment services can help you procure accurate, objective, and defensible data and insights to know the current conditions of all physical assets, prioritize spending and budgets, and secure the required funding.

Our software makes creating, managing, and updating your capital plans easy. With Intellis, you can track your projects from start to finish, monitor their progress, and keep stakeholders informed at every step.

This streamlined approach ensures that your capital plans are completed on time and within budget, allowing you to focus on providing the best educational experience.

Improve Decision-Making

Intellis' Facility Capital Planning software lets you make more informed decisions about your facilities. Our software provides detailed data and insights, including cost estimates, timelines, and resource allocation, enabling you to evaluate the potential impact of different scenarios before making a decision. This helps you make more informed decisions and ensures that your capital plans are aligned with your overall strategic goals.

By implementing Intellis' Facility Capital Planning software, you can improve the overall quality of your facilities, enhance the built environment, and provide a better experience for citizens. Let's continue the conversation and schedule a demo today! 

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Intellis’s history of completing successful and complex government projects makes us the clear industry leader in public sector service.

Our case studies provide real-world examples of how our solutions have delivered results for a diverse range of organizations, from large corporations to small businesses. You'll discover how our solutions helped them to optimize their resources, reduce costs, and achieve their objectives. You'll also learn how our team of experts collaborated with them to tailor our solutions to their specific needs and challenges.

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Our expertise in data collection, analysis, project management, and capital planning has been utilized by local, state, and even federal agencies and services for:

  • Business case analyses
  • Requirement assessments
  • Systems design
  • Integrated deployments
  • Knowledge transfers
  • Short- and long-term service and support

Our mobile enterprise data collection and analysis tools are used by these agencies to coordinate and collect critical information and perform tens of thousands of tasks, all conducted remotely. Efficiencies gained through our mobile technology keep agencies on schedule and on budget while providing valuable services to their federal, state, and local constituents.

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“The new system has led to much more reliable data and high-quality assurance. Now we can quickly respond to changing requirements and share information quickly. More of our time can now be spent on data analysis rather than data entry. We now have our capital plan and reports at our fingertips.”

—NYC Board of Education Capital Plan Executive

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