With 20+ years of experience in meeting and exceeding the needs of public sector clients, our services and solutions are proven to offer functionality that is uniquely suited to the rigorous oversight and compliance required.

Intellis’s history of completing successful and complex government projects makes us the clear industry leader in public sector service. Our expertise in data collections, analysis, project management, and capital planning has been utilized by local, state, and even federal agencies and services for:

  • Business case analyses
  • Requirement assessments
  • Systems design
  • Integrated deployments
  • Knowledge transfers
  • Short- and long-term service and support

Our mobile enterprise data collection and analysis tools are used by these agencies to coordinate and collect critical information and perform tens of thousands of tasks, all conducted remotely. Efficiencies gained through our mobile technology keeps agencies on schedule and on budget while providing valuable services to their federal, state, and local constituents.

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“The new system has led to much more reliable data and high-quality assurance. Now we can quickly respond to changing requirements and share information quickly. More of our time can now be spent on data analysis rather than data entry. We now have our capital plan and reports at our fingertips.”

—NYC Board of Education Capital Plan Executive

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