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Ensuring healthy building operations

A safe and comfortable healthcare environment is essential to delivering your mission. The extent to which your facility is maintained directly impacts a patient’s outcome and overall hospital experience.

However, with limited budgets and resources, the needs of health facilities have traditionally been a low priority. Often building systems are only fixed or upgraded when something breaks.



Our fully configurable solution supports the complete physical asset lifecycle. FOUNDATION manages preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure that your healthcare facilities operate at optimal levels. FOUNDATION gives you all the resources you need to make informed investment decisions so that you can achieve your business goals.


Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on.


Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner.


Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.


Simplify and improve the conditions assessment process

  • Easily access data in one place, so you can evaluate it and understand the cause of deferred maintenance and slow backlog accumulation, improving consistency and reducing costs
  • Mobile-enabled inspections allows data collection in the field, with or without a wi-fi connection
  • Identify and document deficiencies with digital checklists
  • Real-time reporting increases transparency


A living repository of needs for all physical assets

  • Analyze data and usage patterns, so you can make strategic decisions that will mitigate risk and automatically maintain compliance with health and safety regulations and building codes
  • Predict asset lifecycle and recognize usage patterns by extrapolating needs from older condition assessment reports to ensure the best use of your resources
  • Automatically estimate cost associated with component and equipment repairs versus replacements
  • Benchmark against peers and competitors with proven unit cost libraries


Manage complex projects and evaluate changing priorities

  • Forecast future needs and manage projects for strategic improvements so you can optimize your time and budget
  • Automatically scopes, estimates, and schedules projects
  • Configure rules based on your needs to consider facility priority, component priority, and the urgency of individual actions within each project
  • Applies phase duration and cost rules to generate cash flow requirements for each potential project


Improve transparency and accuracy for your capital planning needs

  • Prioritize and monitor progress while addressing deficiencies, so you can maintain a healthy built environment and preserve critical assets for the future
  • Quickly generate repair and renewal plans
  • Integrate with enterprise financial systems to work seamlessly across business units
  • Generate documentation that provides plans and traceability at various detail levels, so you can keep stakeholders informed


Facilities Inspections Supported


Million Sq Feet
Inspected Annually


Billion Dollars
In Capital Planning




An integrated and flexible platform for managing operations, improving productivity, and enabling better decision making.


Supports your specific company practices and goals.


Collection and documentation of facilities conditions assessments.


Comprehensive data so you can decide which projects to fund and which to defer.


Actionable plans to keep your facilities and operations in top condition.


Alignment of facilities management with business goals.


Data and reports so you can make strategic, confident business decisions and investments.

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“The new system has led to much more reliable data and high-quality assurance. Now we can quickly respond to changing requirements and share information quickly. More of our time can now be spent on data analysis rather than data entry. We now have our capital plan and reports at our fingertips.”

—NYC Board of Education Capital Plan Executive

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