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Benefits of Software Solutions for Strategic Facility Capital Planning

In today's fast-paced and technologically advanced world, facility managers face numerous challenges in managing physical assets and resources effectively. Software solutions have emerged as a game-changer in strategic facility capital planning to address these issues. This blog explores how innovative software tools streamline processes, automate data collection and analysis, and empower facility managers to make more informed decisions. Let's dive in!

Enhancing Corporate Real Estate Facilities: The Intellis Advantage

In the ever-changing business world, every little thing counts when it comes to achieving success. Each aspect plays a crucial role in a company's growth, from hiring the right talent to optimizing workflows. However, one vital element that is often overlooked is corporate real estate facilities. Believe it or not, the state of these facilities can have a significant impact on everything from employee satisfaction to overall business performance. In this blog, we take a deeper dive into the world of corporate real estate facilities and explore how they can become a game-changer for businesses.

Intellis March Newsletter: Elevate Your Facility Management Strategy

March 25, 2024 Greetings from Intellis! Welcome to our March Newsletter, designed to help you navigate the intricacies of Facility Management and achieve operational excellence. We have put together some valuable insights and information for you to explore. Read on to discover what's in store for you in this month's edition.

Solutions for School Districts: Overcoming Common Facility Management Challenges

It's officially Spring: the birds are chirping, leaves are returning to trees, and the temperatures are rising. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, but for school districts, it often brings fresh challenges in facilities management. From aging infrastructure to budget constraints, these hurdles can impede the seamless operation of educational institutions. But fear not; in this blog post, we'll explore how technology solutions can help overcome these challenges and pave the way for a safer, more sustainable learning environment for students and staff. Read on to discover more about optimizing your school district's facilities management strategy to create a conducive learning environment for your students.

Maximizing Facility Management Efficiency: How Strategic Planning Can Help

Facility management is a complex and demanding job that requires careful planning and execution. From managing resources and budgets to ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants, facility managers have a lot on their plate. But with the right strategic plan, they can optimize operations, improve efficiency, and achieve goals. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of strategic planning in facility management and share some tips and best practices to help you get started.

Empowering the Future of Education: Highlights from Opal Group's Edu-Tech/Edu-Tech Academics 2024

Last week, the Intellis team attended Opal Group's Edu-Tech/Edu-Tech Academics 2024 Summit. It was a captivating event that provided many insights into the future of facility management. The possibilities are plentiful for future optimized facilities, and we are excited about all the creative ways facility management is improving. This blog will examine some of the most innovative strategies and solutions revolutionizing how we manage and maintain school facilities. So, dive in and discover the latest trends and insights shaping this vital industry's future.

5 Critical Elements for an Effective Facility Management Strategy

Facility management is a crucial part of any business's operations. It involves coordinating diverse tasks and processes to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for employees, visitors, and customers. An effective facility management strategy goes beyond maintaining physical infrastructure. It encompasses several critical elements for achieving operational excellence, such as cost optimization, risk management, sustainability, and providing high-quality services.

Join Us at Opal Group's Edu-Tech / Edu-Tech Academics 2024 in Orlando!

Intellis is excited to announce that our expert team will attend the upcoming Opal Group's Edu-Tech / Edu-Tech Academics 2024. This prestigious event will occur from February 25 to February 27, 2024, at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando, FL. We invite you to mark your calendars and join us for an incredible experience that promises innovation, collaboration, and insightful discussions about facility optimization for school districts.

Intellis Newsletter: Unlocking Innovation in Edu-tech: Join Us at Opal Group's 2024 Conference

February 19, 2024 Welcome to this month's Intellis Newsletter, where we help you navigate the world of facility management. We hope this newsletter finds you well and thriving in the dynamic world of facilities management, technology, and education. February is an exciting month for us, and we have some incredible updates and opportunities to share with you.

Understanding the Role of Strategic Facility Capital Planning Software for Facility Management

Are you struggling to manage your facility effectively? Do you want to optimize your resource allocation and improve productivity? If yes, then you need a strategic planning approach that includes software. In this blog, we'll discuss the role of strategic planning software in facility management, its benefits, and how it can help you proactively manage your facility. Read on to learn more and discover how Intellis can help you streamline your facility management process.