3 Key Trends in the Facility Optimization Revolution

What is Facility Optimization?

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4 Reasons Why Facility Condition Assessments are Critical for Healthcare Organizations

Facility managers in the healthcare sector are tasked with a myriad of constraints—from ageing infrastructure to staying compliant amidst constant changes to health and safety regulations to shrinking budgets. Therefore it is critical to know how every building, physical asset and system in your care is performing as well as where there are opportunities for facility optimization.

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How to Improve Patient Satisfaction Through the Healthcare Physical Environment

Now more than ever, patients have become more like consumers, and medical purchasing power has shifted from providers and insurers to the individual. This change has created a unique marketplace for healthcare services, which places a heightened emphasis on patient care as well as the physical environment's role in patient perception of the quality of care offered.

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3 Healthcare Trends To Watch

The face of healthcare facilities has shifted massively in the 21st century - with even greater changes happening in recent years. Major trends are transforming how healthcare organizations deliver patient care and manage facilities. And as the healthcare industry shifts toward value-based population health, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) continue to accelerate, creating mega-sized, nontraditional health systems. Meanwhile, the industry continues to grapple with rigid compliance regulation and increasing costs.

As a disruptor in the field of capital planning, facilities management, and the built environment, we know the value of staying on top of developing issues. Here we discuss the top 3 trends impacting healthcare facilities management now:

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Intellis Software Empowers NYCHA to Request $32 Billion in Revised Capital Investment Plan

“Increase opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services.” That’s the mission driving the New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA, the largest public housing authority in North America.

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How to Create Healthy Learning Environments

We know that providing students with a learning environment that enables them to maximize their potential is at the heart of you do. The challenges for higher education facilities are mounting. College and university buildings are on average 42 years old and at a troubling D+ for infrastructure, according to America’s Infrastructure Report Card, deferred maintenance and dollars for capital renewals are growing larger everyday. So what can facilities leaders do?

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Key Takeaways from APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities

After a great weekend in DC at this year's APPA conference, we're excited and inspired by the dedication and achievements of so many leaders in the educational facilities arena. Here we discuss the most interesting takeaways from the event.

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3 Hot Topics from the 2018 NACUBO Annual Meeting

Last week, our leadership team were welcomed to the National Association of College and University Business Officers Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California. The NACUBO Annual Meeting is the education industry’s largest and best attended event for college and university business officers and provided a great opportunity for the Intellis team to share ideas with higher education leaders.

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4 Trends Transforming the Facilities Management Industry

At Intellis, we keep a keen eye on the technological developments that are shaping the future of the Facilities Management Industry. It is our mission to harness the latest tech advancements with our mobile enterprise solutions, such as FOUNDATION, so that we can provide our clients with the best software solutions that will ensure healthy building and infrastructure operations while also reducing costs, improving productivity and boosting sustainability. Here are the top trends that we think will transform in the Facilities Management Industry. 

digital transformation in facman

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Clients Who Inspire Us

Last week we traveled to Texas to meet with our client APTIM and our partner Global VendorLink. It was exciting to see the innovative and impactful work that they do up close!

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