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Strategic Facility Capital Planning with Intellis

Get Smart: Facility Capital Planning with Intellis Facility capital planning remains a challenging balancing act for facility and building managers, owners, and operators. Traditionally, FM professionals believe in Facilities condition assessment (FCA) to best understand a facility's needs. However, Intellis elevates facility capital planning for today's extraordinary demands. Therefore, now is the time to take Facility Condition Assessment to the next level.

5 surprising reasons why software improves facility capital planning

Increased uncertainty related to inflation and the economic toll of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, it is vital that business owners and operators employ a strategic capital planning program. This enables facilities teams to accurately quantify the funds they need to achieve strategic capital planning objectives aligned with forecasted financial performance.

School is back in session! Let's talk about Strategic FM for education

School is back in session! Now let's talk about facilities management and capital planning for education. Making strategic decisions that transform your institution to enhance the student experience, increase enrollment, and improve ROI is no easy task.  

Painless facility capital planning for colleges and universities

How can I plan strategic facility capital for higher education buildings, grounds, and physical assets?  The answer is clear: implement capital planning software. The FOUNDATION solution by Intellis is a fully configurable enterprise platform. It is designed to help you manage facilities, mitigate risk, enhance efficiency, and make more intelligent strategic decisions.

Why is Facility Condition Assessment important?

Why are Facilities Condition Assessments Important? It is critical to know the extent to which the buildings, physical assets, and systems in your care are performing. Having comprehensive data on all assets enables Facility Managers to identify potential opportunities for facility optimization.

The FOUNDATION Solution for Successful Strategic Facility Planning

The FOUNDATION Solution for Successful Strategic Planning Successful strategic planning connects vision, priorities, people, and the physical institution to a flexible evaluation system, decision-making, and action. It shapes and guides the entire organization as it evolves and contextualizes operations within the broader community context.

How can I improve preventive maintenance for facilities?

How can I improve preventive maintenance for facilities planning? Preventive maintenance is critical for optimal operational conditions for your organization's physical assets. This typically involves regular inspections to detect and correct defaults and repair deficiencies before a breakdown occurs. Here we discuss three tips for improving your organization's preventive maintenance program.

How software simplifies school facilities planning

Here's how software simplifies school facilities planning: K-12 school facility planning is stressful, complex, and time-consuming. Amid the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more challenging.

What are the most common problems in summer facilities management for schools?

What are the most common problems in summer facilities management for schools? School's out for summer! While students are away, the facilities team can take advantage of the lower occupancy and schedule maintenance work to enhance school buildings. In this blog, we discuss the most common problems in summer facility management for schools and how to solve most of these common problems.

Why is accurate reporting important for facilities management?

Why is accurate reporting necessary for facilities management?  Accurate reporting is essential for facilities management and capital planning because it is the most precise way to define the next steps regarding procuring financial, programmatic, and staff resources. Equally important is the practice facility managers present this data.