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Green Building Technology: Discover the Top 5 Sustainable Facility Capital Planning Trends for 2023

What is Green Building Technology? Green building technology is a set of advanced techniques used to create buildings with minimal environmental impact. Employ these techniques throughout the building lifecycle, including design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. The benefits of green building technology are numerous, including more efficient buildings, lower construction costs, and reduced operational costs.

Maximizing Asset Life: 3 Smart Ways to Improve Preventive Maintenance

Maximizing Asset Life: 3 Smart Ways to Improve Your Preventive Maintenance Program It's never the wrong time to emphasize the importance of family and community disaster planning. Amid the changing seasons and the continued response to COVID-19, it's an ideal time to evaluate and enhance your organization's preventive maintenance program for all facilities.

Intellis Product Spotlight: FOUNDATION.Conditions

Intellis Product Spotlight: FOUNDATION.Conditions--A Simplified Way to Perform Facility Condition Assessments Welcome to FOUNDATION.Conditions a new way to perform facility condition assessments that simplifies the process, improves consistency, and reduces costs. Our module lets you work remotely while emphasizing accuracy and efficiency across facilities management, data collection, and condition assessments.

Unlocking Success: The Importance of Accurate Data in Facilities Capital Plan Reporting

Why accurate data in facilities management and capital planning reporting is critical. In today's business environment, Facility Managers are burdened by assorted tools and systems they use daily, yet the reporting system is essential for an organization's success.

Maximizing Capital Planning: The Benefits of a Facility Optimization Strategy in Today's Business Environment

What are the Benefits of a Facility Optimization Strategy in Today's Business Environment? Facility Optimization is a critical strategy for organizations seeking to increase equipment reliability, decrease energy usage, and reduce operating costs. But today, it's no longer limited to these traditional goals.

Intellis' Guide to Improving Facilities on Campus: K-12 Schools, Universities and Colleges

We recently attended the Opal Edu-Tech Facilities Summit in Palm Springs, CA, and met many Facility Management leaders from across the country. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about their challenges and discuss how Intellis can support facility planning by implementing technology like the FOUNDATION Solution.

Women Driving Innovation: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

March is Women's History Month, and at Intellis, we're excited to celebrate the achievements of women in technology.

Intellis Attends Edu-Tech Facilities Summit: Discover All the New Ways Our Software Optimizes School Facility Capital Planning

Intellis, the leading provider of Facility Capital Planning software, is excited to attend the Opal Group's Edu-Tech Facilities Summit from February 26 to February 28, 2023, in Palm Springs, CA. We're excited to share our passion for helping schools achieve facility capital planning goals!

5 Impactful Ways to Align Facility Capital Investments with Business Initiatives

What are the most impactful ways to align facility capital investments with business goals? Facilities play a crucial role in supporting the operations and success of all businesses. As a result, facility capital investments significantly impact a company's bottom line. However, to ensure that these investments align with the company mission, it is essential to consider several key factors. This blog will explore the best strategies to align facility capital investments with business initiatives.

What is a Facility Planning Platform?

What is a Facility Planning Platform? A Facility Planning Platform supports facility condition assessments and facility capital planning programs. It enables facility teams to align facility capital planning programs with mission-critical institutional performance metrics such as net operating income, improved operating efficiency, and overall business improvement.