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National Preparedness Month: 5 Smart Ways to Improve Preventive Maintenance

September marks National Preparedness Month (NPM) in the US, an important initiative promoting disaster planning and preparedness. While this annual event primarily focuses on individual and community preparedness, it's an opportune moment for those in the facility management (FM) industry to revisit and fortify their preventive maintenance programs.

Cutting-Edge Software Streamlines Facility Capital Planning for K-12 School Districts

The start of a new academic year is filled with excitement and promise for students and educators alike. However, for K-12 facility managers, it signifies a crucial period of preparation and planning to ensure school facilities are in optimal condition. We've compiled the top 5 maintenance tips for school facility managers to celebrate the new school year. But that's not all - we'll also introduce you to an essential tool that can revolutionize your Facility Capital Planning, making your job easier and more effective.

Updates from CFTA 2023: Insights, Discussions, and Next Steps

In this post, we want to share some of the insights and experiences we had at the CFTA 2023 Annual Conference, which took place last month in St. Louis, Missouri.

Revolutionizing Facilities Management in Higher Education: How Our Capital Planning Software Solves Campus Challenges

If you're a part of the dynamic world of colleges and universities, you're well aware of the unique challenges of maintaining and improving campus facilities. Facilities managers at colleges and universities face many challenges due to these institutions' complex and diverse nature. Aging infrastructure, limited resources, and the ever-growing need for sustainability sometimes feel like hurdles too high to jump. But fear not, because we've got the ultimate solution that will change how you approach facilities management – our cutting-edge Facility Capital Planning Software - The FOUNDATION Solution!

From Efficiency to Alignment: How Technology Transforms Facility Management and Capital Planning

In today's rapidly evolving world, how we manage and plan for facilities is experiencing a digital transformation driven by the power of technology. With the increasing demand for innovation in the built environment, facility managers face the challenge of managing efficiency, comfort, and sustainability within budget constraints. To meet these demands and overcome legacy systems, facility managers are embracing the benefits of technology, including occupant engagement, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, and other digital solutions.

Enhancing K-12 School District Facilities with Capital Planning Software Solutions

As summer draws to a close, the anticipation of a new school year looms on the horizon. For K-12 school districts nationwide, it's the back-to-school season, which means preparing to welcome back students and staff to a safe, comfortable, and conducive learning environment. Effective facilities management is crucial to achieving this goal, and in today's technologically advanced world, facility capital planning software solutions are proving to be a game-changer.

Getting Ahead: Smart Tips for K-12 Facility Managers to Prep for the New School Year

The back-to-school season is rapidly approaching, bringing excitement and anticipation. It's also a pivotal time for K-12 school facility managers tasked with ensuring that school buildings are ready to welcome students, teachers, and staff.

Capital Investment and Capital Planning: Essential Knowledge for Facilities Management Professionals

In facilities management, "capital investment" and "capital planning" are often used interchangeably, confusing professionals. While both concepts are crucial for maintaining and improving physical assets, they serve distinct purposes and should be approached differently to achieve long-term success.

On Campus: Choosing Capital Planning Software for College and University Facilities

As a facilities or grounds manager at a college or university, one of your top priorities is ensuring that your campus is well-maintained and running smoothly. Capital planning software is a critical tool in achieving this goal, But with so many different options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

On Campus: Understanding the Benefits of Scenario Planning for College and University Facilities

There are many advantages to scenario planning for college and university facilities. As higher education continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of modern students, colleges and universities must find new ways to plan for the future. One approach that has gained popularity in recent years is scenario planning. By considering a range of potential futures and developing strategies for each, institutions can better prepare for the future.