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What are the benefits of software for Facility Condition Assessment?

What are the benefits of using a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment? The main benefit of implementing a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is access to accurate, objective, and current FCA data so that you can expertly execute your strategic capital plan.

These are the top 3 innovations transforming Facility Planning

What are the newest innovations in Facility Planning?  There are several exciting new technologies transforming Facility Planning. From Drones to Building Information Modeling to Automated Facility and Capital Planning software, facilities are becoming more interconnected and intelligent.

The 5 trends that will transform Facility Planning in 2022

These are the five trends that will transform Facility Planning in 2022 Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic altered how the world works. It accelerated remote work while emphasizing flexibility, the employee experience, and physical and mental health. Digital transformation dominated the Facilities Management sector in 2021.

Ultimate Guide to Strategic Capital Investment for Facilities

Are you interested in learning how Intellis software can improve Strategic Planning for Capital Investments for your organization's facilities?  

Are Facility Condition Assessments really necessary?

Are Facility Condition Assessments really necessary? Yes! Facility Condition Assessments really are necessary. FCAs are essential to maintaining a successful business.

How to develop capital plans for climate change?

How can capital planners prepare for climate change? Facility capital planners can prepare for climate change by integrating resilience frameworks and embedding climate risk assessments into Capital Improvement Programs. Now is the time for facility managers and capital planners to equip buildings and infrastructure for the impact of climate change. 

Top 3 Reasons We're Excited to Attend the Higher Education Facilities Forum

The Intellis team is pleased to announce that we are attending this year's Higher Ed Facilities Forum (HEFF) from November 7th to 9th! We are looking forward to connecting with facility leaders from colleges and universities from across the nation. These are the top 3 reasons we're delighted to attend this year's Higher Education Facilities Forum!

What's the best way to prepare buildings and physical assets for winter?

How should Facility Managers prepare buildings and physical assets for winter? Preventive maintenance is key to preparing buildings and physical assets for winter, mitigating problems, and reducing overall costs.

What is physical asset optimization? Plus 6 ways it delivers value

What is Physical Asset Optimization? Physical Asset Optimization is the practice of maximizing the value of a company's physical assets, particularly equipment and property. This includes everything from maintenance scheduling and technician training to operating ratio analysis and novel revenue stream generation from physical assets.

Climate Resilience, Facility Management, and Capital Planning

What should Facility Managers and Capital Planners do to prepare for climate change? Climate change has become one of the most significant concerns of our time, as evidenced by the recent destruction caused by hurricanes, Henri and Ida. Therefore, properly maintaining infrastructure is extremely important, particularly as many weather patterns continue to change. More extreme climate disasters are increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception.