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Are you considering software for facility capital planning?

Are you considering software for facility capital planning? Now is the time to toss those paper reports! Implementing software for Facility Condition Assessment eliminates the need for outdated methods like pencils, paper, and excel spreadsheets. Instead, upgrade to Intellis software for strategic facility planning and wave goodbye to facility planning challenges with our facility condition assessment (FCA) solution.

Let's talk about bringing facility condition assessments into the digital age

FOUNDATION.Conditions: Welcome to a better way to perform facility condition assessments! Simplify the facility condition assessment process Improve consistency Reduce costs

3 ways the FOUNDATION Solution gives you the advantage

Three ways the FOUNDATION Solution gives you the advantage Implementing technology for improved efficiency is a proven strategy for successful facilities management and capital planning. The FOUNDATION Solution is an intelligent platform for managing and planning your physical assets. FOUNDATION enables you to integrate cutting-edge mobile data collection, analysis, evaluation, and long-range planning tools seamlessly. 

Painless facility capital planning for colleges and universities

How can I plan strategic facility capital for higher education buildings, grounds, and physical assets?  The answer is clear: implement capital planning software. The FOUNDATION solution by Intellis is a fully configurable enterprise platform. It is designed to help you manage facilities, mitigate risk, enhance efficiency, and make more intelligent strategic decisions.

Why is Facility Condition Assessment important?

Why are Facilities Condition Assessments Important? It is critical to know the extent to which the buildings, physical assets, and systems in your care are performing. Having comprehensive data on all assets enables Facility Managers to identify potential opportunities for facility optimization.

Why is accurate reporting important for facilities management?

Why is accurate reporting necessary for facilities management?  Accurate reporting is essential for facilities management and capital planning because it is the most precise way to define the next steps regarding procuring financial, programmatic, and staff resources. Equally important is the practice facility managers present this data.

It's World FM Day!

Happy World FM Day!  

3 Meaningful Insights from IFMA's Facility Fusion Conference

3 Meaningful Insights from IFMA's Facility Fusion Conference One thing is clear: it's an exciting time to be in Facility Management! So let's discuss the most compelling insights from last week's International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Facility Fusion Conference.

What are the benefits of software for Facility Condition Assessment?

What are the benefits of using a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment? The main benefit of implementing a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is access to accurate, objective, and current FCA data so that you can expertly execute your strategic capital plan.

These are the top 3 innovations transforming Facility Planning

What are the newest innovations in Facility Planning?  There are several exciting new technologies transforming Facility Planning. From Drones to Building Information Modeling to Automated Facility and Capital Planning software, facilities are becoming more interconnected and intelligent.