A modern and transparent system for allocation of benefits. 

The Child Care Fund is the benefit fund for children of 1199/Service Employees International Union members. The fund manages the allocation of funding from employers and Union funds for benefit distribution. 


Leverage wireless technology to create an integrated system to improve and streamline the registration process. 

The Fund needed a way of distributing benefits while connecting with existing and future systems, and their existing system was not fulfilling their needs. The Child Care Fund also wanted to make their registration process more easily accessible to their members. The Fund wanted to allow members to register for programs via the Internet. This would improve service to members while reducing the paperwork for staff during registration.


Development and implementation of an automated benefits distribution system. 

Intellis took over the previously existing system, provided consulting and system development to achieve an automated benefits distribution system. This system was developed using Oracle, and included invoicing, collection, financial and tax components.

Intellis performed the following:
  • Strategic consulting services and business process analysis.
  • System design and development.
  • Development of an invoicing and collection system along fund guidelines.
  • Implementation of Fund rules and algorithms.
  • System integration with existing legacy systems.
  • Oracle database integration.
  • Development of web-enabled member registration.
  • System training.
  • Ongoing technical support.

Solution & Benefits

With the implementation of Intellis software, this organization improved access to its registration portal and reduced the administrative workload for its employees. 

The Child Care Fund was able to automate the distribution of benefits to Fund members’ children while integrating with existing systems. The Fund was able to track benefits and interact with existing accounting and financial systems to allow seamless benefit distribution.

The Child Care Fund was also able to offer their members easier access to registration with the web registration component, and at the same time, reduce their administrative workload related to the registration process. The system provided a better, more integrated solution that better served their members.



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