Our CONDITIONS module provides forward-thinking organizations a new way to work digitally with an emphasis on accuracy and efficiency for facilities and condition assessments.


Simplify the facility condition assessment process, improving consistency and reducing costs.

By digitally implementing inspection procedures and transmitting data to the cloud instantly, organizations can quickly develop custom-tailored work processes that are sustainable and efficient.

Define, document, and assess physical assets, systems, and spaces across multiple sites with the CONDITIONS iOS mobile application.

Encounter Report
  • Configure digital checklists to identify and document deficiencies based on your specific workflow, assets, and business needs. Using the CONDITIONS digital platform, you can perform assessments on facility deficiencies, sustainability, building safety, building security, regulatory compliance, and more!
  • In-app documentation, from pictures of deficiencies to floorplan markups, gives your dispersed team an on-the-ground view regardless of where they sit.
Mobile - Condition Assessment
  • Mobile-enabled inspections allow for data collection in the field, with or without a wi-fi connection, and are later synced up to the cloud for reporting, QA review, and analysis.

  • Validation rules combined with quality assurance processes ensure the accuracy of documentation and data.
  • Access data with ease in one central location, turning qualitative observations and reports into quantitative results, supporting objective analysis and evaluation.

  • Rapidly deploy proven facility condition assessment workflows across the organization in order to collect reportable data efficiently and accurately.
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