Rather than manually analyzing projects to develop forecasts or relying on outdated or inflexible tools, the PLANS module efficiently and accurately evaluates your current and planned projects.


Manage information and data related to projects to create broad insight into operational issues that affect planning.

With centralized forecasting tools, you’re more empowered to develop, oversee, and evaluate current and future plans for your facilities, improving the accuracy and outcomes of your capital plans.

PLANS provides your team and stakeholders with greater intelligence and analysis than ever before.

FOUNDATION BI screen view
  • Assemble your projects into multi-year capital plans and track their progress over time.

  • Gain stakeholder support with plan-level dashboard views and project status reports, spending, capital investments, and timelines.

  • Leverage built-in scenario building to evaluate alternatives in funding and project allocations on the multi-year plan.
  • Apply plan-level business rules to further tune schedule and cost estimations for a collection of projects.

  • Evaluate the impacts of inflation and deterioration on your assets by adjusting project phases within a plan.
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