Managing complex projects can be challenging but with the FOUNDATION.Projects module, you can simplify project management, improve transparency, and ensure overall project success.


This powerful module allows you to easily create projects in bulk or manually and analyze and rank them based on your defined business rules, organizational priorities, policies, urgency, and regulations.

In addition, you can monitor project status and make informed decisions with real-time views of project commitments, progress, and spending.

FOUNDATION-Solution-Project-cost-schedule Key Features and Benefits:

Automated Scoping, Estimating, and Scheduling: FOUNDATION.Projects automatically scopes, estimate, and schedules capital planning projects to address facility condition and non-condition needs. This feature saves time and ensures accuracy, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.

Prioritization and Business Rules Configuration: Establish priorities and configure business rules per facility priority, component priority, and the urgency of individual actions within each project. This enables more effortless adjustment, flexibility, and quick response to evolving business requirements.

Phase Duration and Cost Rules Application: Applies phase duration and cost rules, including soft and fixed-cost factors, to generate accurate cash flow requirements for each potential project. This feature helps you manage budgets, optimize time, and prioritize tasks for strategic improvements.


Repair and Renewal Plans Generation: Quickly generate repair and renewal plans from our extensive library of project templates. This feature saves time and ensures consistency and accuracy in planning and execution.

Integration with Existing Enterprise Financial Systems: Integrate with existing enterprise financial systems to provide real-time views of commitments and spending, allowing you to track plan progress against plan goals. This feature enables greater transparency and oversight, promoting accountability and informed decision-making.

Dynamic Dashboards: Dig into data with dynamic dashboards that quickly track project status, cost, and forecasts. This feature allows for real-time monitoring and evaluation of project performance, enabling you to make timely adjustments and improve overall project success.

In conclusion, FOUNDATION.Projects simplifies project management, streamlines resource allocation, and improves efficiency. With its powerful features and benefits, you can optimize time, manage budgets, and prioritize projects for strategic improvements. In addition, enhance transparency and oversight with real-time views of project commitments, progress, and spending so you can track overall project success.

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