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Intellis Attends Edu-Tech Facilities Summit: Discover All the New Ways Our Software Optimizes School Facility Capital Planning

Intellis, the leading provider of Facility Capital Planning software, is excited to attend the Opal Group's Edu-Tech Facilities Summit from February 26 to February 28, 2023, in Palm Springs, CA. We're excited to share our passion for helping schools achieve facility capital planning goals!

Our team is eager to reconnect with clients and colleagues and meet anyone interested in learning more about how our solutions optimize school facility capital planning. We look forward to sharing our passion for the facilities management industry with you!

At the Intellis table, attendees will have the chance to discover the latest facility trends and developments and learn about our robust software solutions designed to optimize your campus facility operations.

One of Intellis' primary focuses is on effective capital planning, an essential yet complex process for educational institutions. In a recent blog post, "Navigating a smooth future for K-12 School Facilities Capital Planning," we provide insights and guidance to help educational institutions quickly achieve their capital planning goals.

The Facility Capital Planning software, FOUNDATION, streamlines the capital planning process and provides a comprehensive view of the facility's financial and physical health. Our solution allows educational institutions to optimize their budget and plan for the future confidently.

Find out how our software helped NYC schools achieve their Facility Capital Planning goals.

In addition to our software, the Intellis team has extensive experience in facility management, and we are always eager to share our knowledge and insights with clients. At the Opal Edu-Tech Facilities Summit, attendees can expect to learn from some of the industry's top experts and network with colleagues nationwide.

If you attend the Opal Edu-Tech Facilities Summit, stop by the Intellis table and learn more about the company's new product updates and the latest facility trends and developments. Whether you need to optimize your budget, plan for the future, or stay ahead of the curve in facility management, condition assessment, or capital planning, Intellis has the solutions and expertise you need.

The Intellis team looks forward to reconnecting and helping you achieve your school district's facility capital planning goals.

Meet the Intellis Team at Opal Group's Edu-Tech Facilities Summit!

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