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Our innovative platform gives you the control and insights to manage your facilities today while planning for a better tomorrow. With FOUNDATION, you can make informed decisions based on comprehensive data, ensuring you are always one step ahead in optimizing your facility's capital planning. Join us and experience the power of proactive facility management and capital planning. 

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The FOUNDATION Solution is not only a disrupter but a full-scale enabler.

  • Ditch the digital cameras and quickly snap photos in the field using a mobile device that uploads directly into our cloud-based platform.

  • Say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and hello to the digital age with our dynamic checklists that let you input, store, and review data from a mobile device.

  • Drop the complex condition assessment process and simplify it with the FOUNDATION Solution.

The FOUNDATION Solution is an intelligent platform for managing and planning your physical assets. FOUNDATION enables you to integrate cutting-edge mobile data collection, analysis, evaluation, and long-range planning tools. 

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Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on. 


Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner.


Share reports quickly and efficiently to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.



Quickly sort vast amounts of data and gain new insights from it.

Endless Configurations

Equipped with four fully configurable modules that integrate seamlessly with your existing software and systems and adapt to your workflow. You have the flexibility to choose the modules that suit your needs or implement the entire platform.  


Define, document, and analyze assets across multiple sites from a single cloud-based source.


Evaluate data collected during facility condition assessments and efficiently deploy resources.


Review projects according to industry-specific compliance regulations so you can eliminate human error. 


Develop long-range plans and quickly share them with stakeholders across the organization.

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An integrated and flexible platform for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision-making.


Supports your specific company practices and goals.


Collection and documentation of facilities conditions assessments.


Comprehensive data with access to the history of deficiencies so you can decide which projects to fund and which to defer.

Strategic Insight

Actionable plans to keep your facilities and operations in top condition.


Alignment of facilities management with business goals.


Data and reports so you can make strategic, confident business decisions and investments.



Facilities Inspections Supported


Million Sq Feet
Inspected Annually


Billion Dollars
In Capital Planning



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