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3 ways the FOUNDATION Solution gives you the advantage

Three ways the FOUNDATION Solution gives you the advantage

Implementing technology for improved efficiency is a proven strategy for successful facilities management and capital planning. The FOUNDATION Solution is an intelligent platform for managing and planning your physical assets. FOUNDATION enables you to integrate cutting-edge mobile data collection, analysis, evaluation, and long-range planning tools seamlessly. 

These are the top 3 ways the FOUNDATION Solution gives you the advantage.  
  1. Develop multi-year capital plans with projects explicitly targeted to the organization's needs, like renovations, space relocation or consolidation, or utility infrastructure improvements.
  2. Gain approval on increased funding for deferred maintenance projects.
  3. Make strategic decisions based on real-time building data so your facilities team can effectively align with the institutional mission and optimize funding for the future!

The FOUNDATION Solution comprises four fully configurable modules that integrate seamlessly with your existing software and systems and adapt to your workflow. You have the flexibility to choose the modules that suit your needs or implement the entire platform.  

FOUNDATION.Conditions enables you to define, document, and analyze assets across multiple sites from a single cloud-based source.

FOUNDATION.Needs facilitates the evaluation of data that is collected during facility condition assessments and lets you efficiently deploy resources.

FOUNDATION.Projects allows you to easily review projects according to industry-specific compliance regulations so you can mitigate human error.

FOUNDATION.Plans enables you to develop long-range strategic facility capital plans and quickly share them with stakeholders across the organization.


Gain the Intellis difference with The FOUNDATION Solution

  • Improve Operational Facility Efficiency All data about physical assets, buildings, and infrastructure is stored in and accessible in one place and synced across multiple devices and teams.

  • Easily Control Compliance The FOUNDATION Solution tracks and reports compliance issues and prioritizes projects based on health and safety risks.

  • Peace of Mind for All As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal building operations, preventive maintenance, and capital improvement plans must ensure that all buildings are safe, healthy, and regularly maintained.

  • Streamline the Inspection Process, Gain visibility into inspection data, create configurable rules, track maintenance progress, and quickly share reports with key stakeholders across departments and teams.

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