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Here's how we help Colleges and Universities make strategic decisions about capital planning

Do you feel held back by lack of time and budget and wish that you had a stress-free way to strategically manage physical assets and optimize long-term investments in your college and university buildings while also managing asset performance, mitigating risk, and reducing costs?   We know that making strategic decisions that transform your educational institution in a way that enhances student experience, increases enrollment, and improves ROI is no easy task.

Here's why Facility Condition Assessments are critical to running a successful business

It is critical to know the extent to which the buildings, physical assets and systems in your portfolio are performing. Having comprehensive data on all assets, enables Facility Managers to identify potential opportunities for facility optimization.

3 Smart Ways to Make Facility Capital Planning Stress Free

Do you want to improve your facility capital planning process, eliminate the headaches from staring at excel, and make your job easier? Smart capital planners and facility managers use software to drastically improve the effectiveness of their operations and planning. In this guide, we’ll share 3 stress-free facility capital planning ideas that the pros use to successfully complete critical projects and even finalize value-added projects. Meaning that their facilities run smoothly and look great.

Here's how we transformed the Condition Assessment and Capital Planning process for the largest school district in the country

We're excited to share Intellis Founder and CEO Steven Warshaw's presentation from the Campus FM Technology Association Conference on what we've learned about Condition Assessment Innovation and Justifiable Capital Plans from working with the New York City School System over the past 20 years.

The 3 Essentials for Effective Condition Assessments

Effective Condition Assessments are essential for informed Capital Planning.

This is why Facility Condition Assessments are so Important

It is critical to know the extent to which the buildings, physical assets and systems in your care are performing. Having comprehensive data on all assets, enables Facility Managers to identify where potential opportunities for facility optimization exist. Previously, we've spoken about the importance of Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) for Healthcare organizations, but let's discuss some of the universal benefits for all types of facilities. Here we discuss the ways in which FCAs can improve your organization's operational efficiency and make your job easier.

These are the Top 5 Facility Management Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

Digital transformation dominated the Facilities Management sector in 2018. When it comes to improvements around quality, production, and longevity of physical assets, digital transformation is an unfolding revolution that is set to continue throughout 2019. Here we discuss the top Facility Management technology trends to watch.

4 Reasons Why Facility Condition Assessments are Critical for Healthcare Organizations

Facility managers in the healthcare sector are tasked with a myriad of constraints—from ageing infrastructure to staying compliant amidst constant changes to health and safety regulations to shrinking budgets. Therefore it is critical to know how every building, physical asset and system in your care is performing as well as where there are opportunities for facility optimization.

Intellis Software Empowers NYCHA to Request $32 Billion in Revised Capital Investment Plan

“Increase opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services.” That’s the mission driving the New York City Housing Authority, or NYCHA, the largest public housing authority in North America.

3 Hot Topics from the 2018 NACUBO Annual Meeting

Last week, our leadership team were welcomed to the National Association of College and University Business Officers Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California. The NACUBO Annual Meeting is the education industry’s largest and best attended event for college and university business officers and provided a great opportunity for the Intellis team to share ideas with higher education leaders.