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Here's what we're looking forward to at Opal Group's Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities conference!

The Intellis team is thrilled to announce that we will be attending our first in-person conference since the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020.

We are looking forward to connecting with education leaders from across the U.S. and sharing ideas about improving Education Facilities at Opal Group's Edu-Tech Academics & Edu-Tech Facilities forum in Dallas, TX, from 18 July through Tuesday 20 July 2021.

Here are the top 3 things we're looking forward to:

1. New approaches to space planning and construction 

There is no doubt that in the wake of COVID-19, space planning and construction in relation to academics and technology will need to innovate. We're looking forward to sharing ideas on how educational institutions and communities can reinvent and adapt post-quarantine and learn from each other to plan for what’s next.

2. Improving collaboration between departments at all levels of education

Implementing new technology solutions, updating classrooms, and curriculum initiatives require collaboration across all departments. We're looking forward to furthering the conversation about new concepts and approaches to collaboration between departments. 

3. Meeting leaders in education from across the U.S.

 Our favorite part of attending these summits is meeting so many incredible leaders from K-12 school districts from heads of Technology to Curriculum & Instruction. We're looking forward to collaborating, strategizing, and discovering innovative ideas for the challenges facing school districts across the U.S. 

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