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What is a Facility Planning Platform?

What is a Facility Planning Platform?

A Facility Planning Platform supports facility condition assessments and facility capital planning programs. It enables facility teams to align facility capital planning programs with mission-critical institutional performance metrics such as net operating income, improved operating efficiency, and overall business improvement.

FOUNDATION is a Facility Capital Planning platform supporting facility condition assessment and facility capital planning programs. The FOUNDATION Solution is an integrated facility planning platform for managing facilities and operations, mitigating risk, enhancing efficiency, and enabling more intelligent decision-making so you can improve capital planning and strategically maintain and invest in physical assets. 

Advantages of The FOUNDATION Solution:

  • Create a single source of asset data across all building and systems portfolios.
  • Deliver consistent and valuable Facility Condition Assessment data across all asset types, including building and site assets.
  • Powerful reporting and analytics allow your team to access real-time KPIs that support benchmarking, decision-making, and performance monitoring.
  • Manage multiple asset portfolios, knowing where best to spend the budget for optimal asset performance.
  • Develop informed and dynamic capital investment strategies while identifying funding risks and opportunities.

The possibilities and advantages of implementing a facility planning platform are limitless.

Organizations with complex operations seeking future-proof building system investments should employ a facility planning platform powered by innovative facility capital planning software such as FOUNDATION.

With growing urban populations and increasing electricity usage, there’s more demand than ever for innovation in the built environment. From procurement to facility condition assessments to facility management and through to capital planning, Intellis's solutions bring best-in-class engineering efficiency to the modern built environment.

As you can see, a facility planning platform is essential for an integrated, unified, and interoperable facility management environment. In addition, you can save money, lower risk, and improve efficiency by using optimization solutions that have expanded to focus on enhanced asset performance and maintenance management.

Facility planning platforms such as FOUNDATION help businesses better organize their facility management departments, leading to less unplanned downtime, higher productivity, and better overall business performance. For example, customers can reduce costs seven to nine times when facility managers move from managing inspection and maintenance with paper, pen, and clipboards to implementing software solutions such as FOUNDATION.

Facility managers balance increased productivity demands alongside time and budget constraints. Managers will improve their organizations' financial and operational outlooks by implementing an enterprise facility planning platform such as Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution.

Find out more about the complete The FOUNDATION Solution: The best Facility Planning Platform:

  • Conditions: enables users to gather onsite inspection data directly on a mobile device, create real-time reports, and drive deficiency-based renewal and replacement planning.
  • Needs: analyzes data collected through Conditions to track and prioritize deficiencies across the entire network of buildings and grounds.
  • Projects: automatically scopes, estimates, and schedules facility management and capital planning projects.
  • Plans: integrates with enterprise financial systems to provide real-time views of commitments and spending.

Find out more about using FOUNDATION software for more intelligent facilities management.

Intellis develops intelligent facility planning platforms that optimize facility condition assessments, facility management, physical assets, and capital planning for the built environment.

We empower companies to achieve goals and deliver on their mission through innovative technology with configurable mobile platforms. 

Talk to us directly by scheduling a quick discovery call to learn more about how Intellis can make condition assessments and capital planning more efficient and manageable.

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