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Today is Global Recycling Day!

Today is Global Recycling Day! With a heightened sense of how vulnerable our planet, built environment, and infrastructure are in the face of climate change, at Intellis, we are highlighting Global Recycling Day in order to call attention to recycling as a key part of the circular economy.

The health of our buildings and infrastructure directly impacts the well-being of humans and the environment. In this way, maintaining the built environment—our buildings, dams, bridges, power grids, and transportation systems—is absolutely crucial.

As a New York City-based company, we are champions of cities. The efficiencies offered by the urban landscape offers is clear: public transportation, consolidated waste management and recycling programs, walkability. Yet the stress that the built environment puts on the natural world is still a concern.

It is in our environmental interest to regularly maintain and improve our infrastructure, so that we can boost sustainability and thus better protect our natural world for the future. 

Discover how we leverage expertise in software development and engineering in order to improve the health of the built environment.

This is why strategic facility management, condition assessment, preventative maintenance, repair, and long-term capital planning are essential.

Our FOUNDATION software helps facility managers and capital planners to develop these critical plans with greater efficiency and protects the life-cycle of physical assets of complex facility portfolios.

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The health of a building's physical assets directly impacts quality building operations, which in turn contributes to the future of not only the built environment but also the natural world as well as human health. In particular, in the Environmental Protection Agency's recent report, Our Built and Natural Environments, the EPA emphasizes "the relationship between the built environment and the quality of air, water, land resources, habitat, and human health".

Build Your Climate Resilience Plan with FOUNDATION

Investing in and planning for climate resilience is a priority for facility managers and capital planners. Meeting this growing need is no simple feat. With increasingly limited budgets for facility and capital planning departments it can be difficult to make improvements. This scarcity of funding means that many facility departments simply don’t have the excess budgeting necessary for what was historically unexpected but is now increasingly anticipated—the damage and destruction of infrastructure due to extreme weather events related to climate change. 

Discover how Intellis software improves efficiency for facility condition assessment and capital planning.

The most crucial part of climate resilience is planning. Our FOUNDATION software platform has proven to help facilities in many industry sectors, and it can assist you in preparing for weather destruction. FOUNDATION is consists of 4 major functions:

  • Conditions: enables users to gather onsite inspection data directly on a mobile device, create real-time reports, and drive deficiency-based renewal and replacement planning.
  • Needs: analyzes data collected through Conditions to track and prioritize deficiencies across the entire network of buildings and grounds.
  • Projects: automatically scopes, estimates, and schedules facility management and capital planing projects.
  • Plans: integrates with enterprise financial systems to provide real-time views of commitments and spend.

Using FOUNDATION to develop your climate resilience plan will enable you to assess property conditions, determine which needs must be addressed, define the scope of projects and build robust plans that will ensure facility safety and compliance.

Addressing these factors before the next extreme weather event will save you time and money upfront and in the long run. Planning for the future with FOUNDATION will enable the facility management and capital planning teams to identify key savings,  stay within budget, and improve facilities for the future!

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