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These are the top 3 ways to improve student experience at your K to 12 school district

Today’s K to 12 education landscape is rapidly changing. As enrollment growth and the need for new construction of school buildings has slowed down, it is essential that K to 12 school districts prioritize maintenance and renovation projects to create healthy and sustainable school buildings for the future.

Here we discuss the best ways to improve student experience at K to 12 schools.

No. 1: Transform K to 12 Educational Facilities into Strategic Assets with Technology

It is so important that all school staff stay updated on how to use data and insight tools in order to improve facilities and get the most out of your institution's physical assets is one of the most efficient ways to cut costs. When it comes to capital planning, a strategic software solution like FOUNDATION.Plans will help your institution in the development of accurate and transparent capital improvement plans that strategically prioritize your capital investments and mitigate risks. In addition, with FOUNDATION.Plans, you can easily manage deferred maintenance with a clear understanding of immediate versus long-term improvements.

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No. 2: Innovate the Space your School District Already has by Redesigning the Learning Environment to be More Flexible and Reconfigurable

One of the biggest trends in K to 12 education is the growing desire for more flexible, reconfigurable learning spaces. Many districts are exploring campus-wide redesigns of communal spaces like libraries and innovating by adding modular furniture and eliminating bolted stacks, which no longer work well for today's digital leaners. With flexible furniture, facilities executives don’t have to worry about renovating an entire space. Modular furniture allows schools to make better use of the space that they already have.

No. 3: Sustainable Design for K to 12 Schools and Facilities

Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that k to 12 educational facilities are designed to be sustainable. The health of our buildings and infrastructure directly impacts the well-being of humans and the environment. In this way, maintaining k to 12 facilities is an environmental issue.

Increasingly schools are designing classrooms that stimulate the learning process while also the natural environment. Something as simple as light fixtures can be crucial to energy savings as well as to student focus. A simple green resolution would be to design rooms to allow natural lighting to dictate the visibility of the room.

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The classroom of the future must inspire exploration and experimentation. It must integrate technology, both in the classroom itself as well as with the devices that students use on a daily basis on campus and at home. It will incorporate dynamic ergonomics, such as touch screens and tables that allow kids to reach across, face each other, and collaborate easily.

Intellis can help with k to 12 facilities management, facility condition assessments and capital planning by eliminating those hefty excel files and moving data to the cloud, thereby making it easier for facility managers to maintain a dynamic index of facility condition assessments and capital planning projects.

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From capital planning to ongoing facilities management, FOUNDATION by Intellis has proven functionality and capabilities to ensure that all campus facilities are prepared to deliver on your school's mission: education.

Intelligent Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on.

Predictive Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner.

Innovative Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

The less time you and your facility management colleagues spend on tedious administration and data entry, the more time you can focus on delivering an empowering student experience. Find out how we can help your institution optimize its assets and budget for the future.