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Celebrating Earth Day and the Built Environment

Happy Earth Day! Infrastructure is an environmental issue. The health of our buildings and infrastructure directly impacts the well-being of humans and the environment. In this way, maintaining the built environment—our buildings, dams, bridges, power grids, and transportation systems—is absolutely crucial.

As a New York City-based company, we are champions of cities. The efficiencies that the urban landscape offers are clear: public transportation, tall buildings, walkability. Yet the stress that the built environment puts on the natural world is still a concern.

It is in our environmental interest to regularly maintain and improve our infrastructure, so that we can boost sustainability and thus better protect our natural world.

Potholes, water main breaks, power grid failures and bridges collapsing are only some of the potential catastrophes that happen when infrastructure breaks down. Unfortunately, society tends to focus on infrastructure only when there is a discernible disaster.

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This is why strategic planning around routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, repair, and long-term capital planning are essential.

We make software and solution to help facility executives who are developing these critical plans, which aim to protect the life-cycle of physical assets that makeup the complex facility portfolios that they manage. The extent to which the plans are able to maintain quality building operations in turn contributes to the future of not only the built environment but also the natural world.

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In the Environmental Protection Agency's recent report, Our Built and Natural Environments, the EPA emphasizes that the ways in which we build the built environment have indirect and direct impact on the natural world as well as human health. In particular it articulates "the relationship between the built environment and the quality of air, water, land resources, habitat, and human health".

There is technology available that can help us to better manage and maintain physical assets in our most critical facilities such as hospitals, schools and government buildings. Further, with the proliferation of IoT, Smart Cities, and connected devices, monitoring the health of building operations is becoming more transparent.

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The EPA's report highlights that the "patterns of development, including transportation infrastructure, building location and design—the built environment—directly affect the natural environment".

At Intellis, we're excited about the future! With our capital planning and facility management software, we are disrupting the way facility executives manage and improve both the built environment and the natural environment.

Intellis was founded in 1996 with the mission of enhancing and elevating the human experience of the built environment through the development and implementation of innovative technology solutions.

Our history is firmly rooted in cutting-edge data collection, and we made our name by transforming the way organizations collect and analyze information related to physical assets during critical Facility Condition Assessments (FCA). We created the first configurable mobile platform to identify, document, rate, and collect data on deficiencies. For organizations and firms with multiple sites, regions, and requirements, that technology was—and is—integral to efficiency and accuracy.

In celebration of Earth Day, we are continuing our commitment to our original mission by developing new and innovative ways to manage facilities with software and emerging technology like Building Information Modeling, so that we can empower facility executives to better support sustainability, improve energy efficiency, and in turn better protect our planet. #WeAreIntellis