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Top 3 Strategies for Successful K to 12 Facility Management and Capital Planning

Schools are valuable assets for their communities. They offer a central location for learning, sports, and gatherings. Each day, students, parents, faculty and other groups leverage their local school facilities to improve lives and further their educational mission.

Making strategic decisions that will transform your K to 12 school in a way that enhances the student experience, increases enrollment, and improves ROI is no easy task. Here we discuss the top 3 strategies for successful K to 12 Facility Management and Capital Planning.

1. Total Cost of Ownership

It's essential that the educational facility manager continually seek out inventive ways to reduce operating expenses while improving occupant efficiency. Through a transparent, efficient, and holistic approach to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM), it is possible to provide comprehensive life cycle data about all your assets. This includes land parcels, facilities, structures, infrastructure systems, and other equipment that require capital investments.

With the help of capital investment software, implementing the principles of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will ensure that you are able to schedule essential repairs and replacements of physical assets throughout the fiscal year, which will in turn allow you to maintain your short-term and long-term budgetary needs.

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2. Transform K to 12 Educational Facilities into a Strategic Assets with Technology

Staying updated on how to use data and insight tools in order to improve facilities and get the most out of your institution's physical assets is one of the most efficient ways to cut costs.

When it comes to capital planning, a strategic software solution like FOUNDATION.Plans will help your institution in the development of accurate and transparent capital improvement plans that strategically prioritize your capital investments and mitigate risks. In addition, with FOUNDATION.Plans, you can easily manage deferred maintenance with a clear understanding of immediate versus long-term improvements. 

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With a powerful software solution like the FOUNDATION Solution, facility managers can leverage building and asset data into actionable insights.

3. Maximize Productivity and Efficiency with Technology Solutions

Maximizing the operational output of your K to 12 facilities and physical assets throughout the entire school district while simultaneously minimizing operating and capital costs is the main balancing act for the facility team. In order to achieve this, a facility management system that incorporates real-time reporting and offers data visualization is highly beneficial.

In order to understand just how efficient your maintenance practices are, it is possible to measure your team's completed work orders against the total number of work orders filed. This simple data set will illuminate whether your maintenance operations are effective or if your team is stalled with too much backlog.

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It can also reveal how quickly these repairs are being carried out. This is an easy way to mange downtime and improve productivity. Data collected using facilities management software specifically designed for K to 12 schools is key for swiftly identifying potential operational weaknesses and fixing them before they become a problem.

The Solution for Successful Strategic Planning

Successful strategic planning connects vision, priorities, people, and the physical institution to a flexible system of evaluation, decision-making and action. It shapes and guides the entire k to 12 education organization as it evolves over time and within the context of the wider community.

Intellis's innovative technologies and platforms in facility management software empower universities and colleges to work smarter and more efficiently. Intellis's platform offers an efficient, affordable, and adaptable solution for educational facility executives and business officers.

K to 12 School Facilities leaders can address issues with the help of facilities management software, which enable you to clear the backlog of deferred maintenance, measure performance, and implement sustainable models for smart planning and capital investment that will better align your school facilities department with the educational mission.

Intellis software can help your school achieve its goals and ensure the success of your educational institution for generations to come.

FOUNDATION is the only software of its kind to provide customized systems for evaluating a myriad of aspects of facilities, reports based on condition assessments, project planning for renovations and updates, spending oversight, and capital planning to properly align your needs and goals to your budget. FOUNDATION has been proven successful on over $50 billion in building and infrastructure plans ranging from large and small environments. It continuously improves budgets using feedback from project history.

With these kinds of tools, k-12 and higher education facilities of all sizes are empowered to plan for changes and maintenance, better serving their boards, their budgets, their employees, and their students.

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Technology should empower your team to improve efficiency and workflow. Staying updated on how to use data and insight tools for facilities is an easy way to cut costs. With the help of enterprise software, like FOUNDATION, facility managers can leverage building data and turn it into actionable insights.

With robust, data-centric work systems tailored to your needs, you won't have to waste the opportunity to achieve more for your institution. At Intellis we look forward to seeing the progress educational institutions make across these areas, and we’re proud to be an ally in helping higher education institutions work smarter to reach new levels of success!

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