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These are the top 3 reasons why Facility Condition Assessments are critical for K-12 schools

Facility managers in the K12 Education sector are tasked with myriad constraints—from aging public school infrastructure to staying compliant amidst constant changes to health and safety regulations to shrinking budgets. Therefore it is critical to know how every building, physical asset and system in your care is performing as well as where opportunities exist for facility optimization.

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Here we discuss the ways in which Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) can improve K12 school facilities and increase operational efficiency.

1. Provide Comprehensive List of Current State of Physical Assets

Facility Condition Assessments will give your team a full-spectrum understanding of the current state of all your existing facilities and physical assets. More than simply a one standalone school building, we know that today's public schools consist of multiple individual components that must all be maintained as a well-oiled machine on a daily basis.

The main goal of a Facility Condition Assessment is to answer these 4 critical questions:

  1. What do we own?
  2. What condition is it in?
  3. What are the values and liabilities?
  4. What is the plan for the future?

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Finding the answers to these questions is essential for the success of any k12 public school system. On a basic level, the Facility Condition Assessment is a review of the material condition of assets, the ease of access outside and inside the facility, the functionality of operating equipment, the performance, estimated remaining useful life of assets based on the Building Owners and Managers Association standards and the estimate costs for repairs versus replacements.

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This thorough examination of each building, system and component offers facility managers and executives a comprehensive view of the current state of existing facilities so that they can begin to prioritize repairs, upgrades and forecast capital investments.

2. Inform Capital Planning Executives

In regards to forecasting budgets and long-term investments, the Facility Condition Assessment is a valuable tool for K12 schools. Our FOUNDATION Solution can help you to streamline facility condition inspections by providing you with best-in-class workflows and costing libraries that consider industry-wide replacement value benchmarked against deferred maintenance deficiencies. This data enables executives to have a 360-degree view on the status of existing assets across all facilities.

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The data collected during an Facility Condition Assessment is a valuable tool for long-range planning. It enables executives to make decisions based on comprehensive reports and provides a strategic framework for planning future improvements.

3. Make Data-Driven Decisions Backed By Real-Time Insight

Facility assessments support everyday decision-making that are backed by real-time information and insights. Facility management platforms, like The FOUNDATION Solution, are designed to process the large amount of data collected during a facility assessment and package it into a digestible, simplified, mobile-friendly report that enables you and your management team to quickly make decisions on the fly.

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For example, FOUNDATION, offers you a dynamic condition model of your healthcare organization's entire physical asset portfolio. This enables you to prioritize and categorize assessment data and then integrate it directly into your maintenance and capital project and budgetary planning.

The FOUNDATION Solution take this one step further with its mobile component, which allows your team to stay connected inside and outside of the office. Our mobile-enabled platform provides you with project overviews, analyses, building biographies, and deficiency condition reports. Furthermore, you can upload photos into the platform directly from the field, as well as add comments and even view estimated repair costs.

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