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What are the benefits of software for Facility Condition Assessment?

What are the benefits of using a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment?

The main benefit of implementing a software solution for Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is access to accurate, objective, and current FCA data so that you can expertly execute your strategic capital plan.

Facility management technology and building condition assessment technology have come a long way. In 2022, we expect access to data and information 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This is particularly important in the commercial built environment.

Conducting a building condition assessment requires blending diverse data such as building elements, the properties of components and systems, and maintenance records. Previous methods for facility data collection focused on identifying these data sets and developing a model for facility condition risk assessment. Yet, transferring the data is performed manually, which requires considerable time and effort.

Implementing software for Facility Condition Assessment makes the whole process more efficient and eliminates the need for outdated methods like pencils, paper, and excel spreadsheets.

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In the broad context of facilities management, building maintenance is generally recognized as the main activity, with more than 65% of the total cost of FM coming from facility maintenance management. However, there are some challenges in current facilities management practices that have required a paradigm shift in the sector in recent years.

Clients now demand strategies for predicting maintenance events rather than responding to problems as they arise. This shift marks the transition from corrective or planned procedures to preventive and predictive methods.

Please read our guide to implementing preventive maintenance for smarter, more strategic Capital Planning.

For example, the failure of building elements can be predicted by preventative maintenance through an analysis of condition data and historical maintenance records. This increases efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Now is the time to toss those paper reports! Intellis can solve all of your facilities-related challenges with a high-quality facility condition assessment (FCA) solution.

All from one unified dashboard, FOUNDATION software enables you to manage your single and multi-site building assessments, including criticality assessment, asset tracking, facility condition index, funding optimization, preventive maintenance scheduling, reporting, and analytics.

Smarter Building Condition Assessment with Solutions from Intellis

Traditionally facility condition assessment (FCA) was the most helpful way to understand the magnitude of a facility's needs. Now is the time to take Facility Condition Assessment to the next level.

Working with Intellis lets you easily collect and analyze FCA data and develop a custom capital plan that aligns with your mission and adapts to your needs.

Here's what you can expect with Intellis:

1. Satisfy Corporate Demands

  • Know the condition of entire systems to inform on the ability of facilities to meet corporate goals.
  • Decrease impact on business operations by predicting when critical assets will need replacement.
  • Aid decision-making with reliable data about the valuable life of physical assets and systems.

2. Optimize Resources

  • Align and adjust preventive maintenance programs to the unique need of your assets through their lifecycle.
  • Be proactive in managing asset replacement by knowing their condition.
  • Optimize limited budgets by understanding replacement costs of physical assets before the end of their proper lifecycle. 
  • Mitigate shock expenditures via clear communication with leadership.

3. Say goodbye to outdated excel spreadsheets. And hello to the digital age with cloud-based software for more intelligent, more efficient facility condition assessments and capital planning so you can focus on the long-term success of your facilities.

  • First, save an average of 3+ hours per week by removing the need for data entry.
  • Second, cut spending by half on your annual Facility Condition Assessment.
  • Third, increase budget funding by 60% or more on capital planning projects.

The FOUNDATION Solution for more competent Facility Condition Assessment and Strategic Capital Planning

FOUNDATION is an innovative facilities management solution that empowers you to manage and operate multiple physical assets from one integrated dashboard.

FOUNDATION is uniquely suited to the rigorous oversight and compliance required for successful Facilities Management and Strategic Capital Planning. 

FOUNDATION Supports Facilities Managers:

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