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Unlocking Success: How Innovative Solutions Transform Higher Education Facilities

Higher education has experienced a remarkable surge in applicants seeking admission in recent years. While this trend signifies growing interest and demand for quality education, it presents a unique set of challenges for universities. The increasing number of college and university students calls for expanded facilities and resources to ensure a healthy and supportive learning environment. However, more viable solutions exist than raising tuition fees exponentially or relying solely on dwindling donations.

How has the pandemic changed college and university facility planning?

How has the pandemic changed college and university facility planning? The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed college and university facility planning. A majority of teaching and learning now takes place either entirely online or through a hybrid setup. While there is no reliable prediction of how the pandemic will develop in the future, it is clear that higher education institutions are committed to continuing the pursuit of their educational mission.

Empowering colleges and universities to create confidence on campus in the time of COVID-19 with innovative solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a staggering impact across the globe. Life has been disrupted as hundreds of thousands battle the disease and millions more do their part to flatten the curve. The American Higher Education industry has not been spared from COVID-19’s reach, as learning has moved online with a mix of in-person classes on some campuses. However, a full and permanent reopening remains uncertain.

Intellis CEO Steven Warshaw joins Facility Management Innovator Podcast

Listen in as Mike Petrusky and Intellis CEO Steven Warshaw discuss music, riding the subway, and the future of the built environment on the Facility Management Innovator Podcast.

Intellis CEO Steven Warshaw judges Columbia Venture Competition

Steve Warshaw, CEO and founder of Intellis (formarly Warshaw Group) is excited to participate in the Columbia Venture Competition, which awards funds to early-stage business ventures developed and founded by young Columbia entrepreneurs.