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Empowering colleges and universities to create confidence on campus in the time of COVID-19 with innovative solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a staggering impact across the globe. Life has been disrupted as hundreds of thousands battle the disease and millions more do their part to flatten the curve. The American Higher Education industry has not been spared from COVID-19’s reach, as learning has moved online with a mix of in-person classes on some campuses. However, a full and permanent reopening remains uncertain.

Empowering colleges and universities with innovative solutions for continuity during this COVID-19 pandemic as well as providing strategies for transformation in the future is central to our mission.

Our FOUNDATION platform offers facilities leaders at colleges and universities a full suite of benefits: From unlocking actionable insights in facility condition assessment data to capital planning, FOUNDATION by Intellis has proven functionality and capabilities to ensure that all campus facilities are prepared to deliver on your school's mission: keeping students and staff safe while providing high-quality education.

Intelligent Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on.

Predictive Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner.

Innovative Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

The less time you and your facility management team spend on tedious administration, excel, and data entry, the more time you can focus on delivering an empowering student experience. Find out how we can help your institution optimize its assets and plan for the future.

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So in the age of COVID with the rapid proliferation of online learning at universities, where does this leave campus facilities operations and planning?

Focused facilities stewardship and capital planning is more critical than ever. Caring for the physical campus in the face of shifting institutional trends demands new approaches to maximizing limited resources and making smarter decisions around growing, reducing or renewing campus space. That’s a complex, often daunting task.

1. Implement Innovative Technology

There will be an increased demand for technology solutions that make college and university operations and facilities capital planning much more efficient.

Colleges and universities have complex operations and it is essential to future-proof campus building systems and capital investments by implementing a facility optimization strategy powered by innovative facility management software such as FOUNDATION.

Now is the time to start planning for the future of your campus by taking advantage of optimization solutions that focus on enhanced asset performance and maintenance management, so that your facilities team can save money, mitigate future risks and improve efficiency.

Read our guide to the facility optimization revolution.

Software solutions such as FOUNDATION help colleges and universities to more efficiently organize and align facility management and capital planning departments.

This leads to less unplanned downtime, higher productivity and better business performance. When facility managers and planners move from organizing inspections and maintenance using excel to implementing end-to-end automated software solutions such as FOUNDATION, facilities can reduce costs by seven to nine times.


facility management software for colleges and universities


2. Update Emergency Response Management Plans

College and university facility leaders must be ready for anything from bomb threats to flooding, labor strikes, workplace violence and so much more. Ensure that you have the proper resources in place for an emergency preparedness plan.

Read our guide for developing an Emergency Response Management (ERM) Program and preparing the FM department and the organization for unexpected events.

ERM or Emergency Response Management is typically a group of documented procedures that explain how the FM team should respond depending on the situation. In general a plan will include checklists for categorizing potential emergencies, identifying and determining how resources will be used, as well as some type of establishing training that includes preparing, rehearsing, and testing these plans.

3. Develop a Preventive Maintenance Program

Now is a great time for your team to tackle the deferred maintenance backlog and finish projects that you have not previously had time to complete including the development of a preventive maintenance program.

Read our guide to implementing a smart preventive maintenance program.

Preventive maintenance is key for maintaining optimal operational conditions for your organization's physical assets. This typically involves regular inspections in order to detect and correct defaults and repair deficiencies before a breakdown occurs. 

The implementation of a preventive maintenance program is a proven strategy and is far less expensive than unplanned interventions. Ideally a successful preventive maintenance program will extend the life of valuable physical assets by predicting failures.

Intellis can help you prioritize investments, plan your next project and drive meaningful outcomes for the community you serve.

While the future is uncertain, having a comprehensive capital investment plan in place will help to alleviate some of that uncertainty. Now is the time to utilize powerful digital tools that will ensure your campus is prepared to leverage the best use and optimal performance of all capital resources with Intellis' solutions.

See how we streamlined condition assessments and facility planning at the nation's largest school system.

Now more than ever, we want our current clients as well as prospective clients to know that we are here to help support you and your institution through this crisis.

As a facility leader, capital planner or facility manager at your educational institution it is your job to promote the safety of the facilities and communities you serve. We know that it is critical that universities and colleges to plan for, respond to, and communicate with stakeholders efficiently about the 2019 coronavirus outbreak.

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