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Part 2: Emergency Response Management Planning for Uncertain Times

Now more than ever is the time to ensure you have a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and impact the way all facilities—from Government to offices to schools to Colleges and Universities—are used and managed.

Smart tips for selling your next capital improvement project

How to Sell Your Capital Planning Project for Facility Leaders

Demystifying Life Cycle Costing and Total Cost of Ownership

This week on the blog we're demystifying two of the more complex budgeting concepts in capital planning: Life Cycle Costing and Total Cost of Ownership.

Strategically Plan and Manage Your Campus Facilities during COVID and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a staggering impact across the globe. Life has been disrupted as hundreds of thousands battle the disease and millions more do their part to flatten the curve. The American Higher Education industry has not been spared from COVID-19’s reach, as learning has moved online and the date when campuses will reopen seems uncertain.

Here's how software will make Capital Budget Analysis stress free in 2020

What is the Goal of Capital Budget Analysis?

Tips to Improve Strategic Planning for Education Facility Executives

Recent studies have found that in the past decade institutional space in relation to the wealth and funding of higher education institutions is out of balance: Space growth is outpacing enrollment growth. The goal is to grow enrollment and increase space at about the same rate, however, since 2012, space growth has continued to increase while enrollment growth has remained flat. Why?

How to Get Your Projects Funded: A Guide to Financial Analysis for Facility Managers

Do you know how to calculate the Payback Period? How about Return on Investment? Have you completed a cost/benefit analysis? What about Life Cycle Costing?