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Smart tips for selling your next capital improvement project

How to Sell Your Capital Planning Project for Facility Leaders

In order to successfully sell your capital improvement project it is essential to present a compelling business case that is backed by intelligent data. With a facilities management system like FOUNDATION.Plans, it is easy to convert your vision into operational objectives and to link your capital project plan to individual performance, strategic planning, while highlighting the outcomes for ongoing improvement.

  • Quick Tips
    • Present Business Case in 3 slides or less
    • Utilize financial analysis
    • Sustainability initiatives
      • Protecting environment
    • Social initiatives
      • Maintaining good relations with neighbors

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How to Present Your Business Case

When developing your business case think in terms of how this capital project will benefit the CFO. It's essential to convey information to the CFO in their language by using the financial models discussed in this blog.

  • Quick Tips
    • Phrase your introduction in the form of a problem statement
    • Propose your solution
    • Present your Financial Analysis
    • Use Payback Period and ROI analysis
    • Explain sustainability benefits using Total Cost of Ownership and Life Cycle Costing
    • End with a specific and compelling example of how this capital project benefits society and in turn supports your organization's strategic initiatives

Don't forget to practice your pitch and keep your proposal to about 30 seconds—think of the classic elevator pitch.

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Today, establishing the right metrics and explaining your capital projects using the right financial analysis terms is critical to ensuring your projects get funded and approved. Without the right financial models, it can be difficult to accurately explain to financial stakeholders why certain projects need to be funded.

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Using these essential financial tools and sharing them with executive leadership will go a long way when it comes time for you to present your capital budget plans and get those projects funded!

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