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Part 4: Emergency Response Management Planning for Uncertain Times

It is absolutely critical to maintain an updated Emergency Response Management (ERM) Program and to prepare the Facility Management department and the organization for unexpected events.

In this blog, we discuss the fourth phase: Recovery. View Part 1 on Prevention and Mitigation here and Part 2 on Preparedness here. and Part 3 on Response here

  1. Prevention-Mitigation
  2. Preparedness
  3. Response
  4. Recovery


Recovery Phase in Emergency Response Management Plan

In general, recovery is an ongoing process. The type and breadth of recovery activities will vary according to the nature and scope of the emergency.

However, the goal of the recovery phase remains the same. It is to restore and reestablish normal operations in order to ensure business continuity. Essential areas to consider include:

  • Determine key personnel leadership as well as orders of succession
  • Identify your organization's most essential resources, services, and technologies necessary to ensure business continuity
  • Define and document essential service continuity strategies for common disruptions

See how Intellis software developed and implemented a disease management system for the National Benefit Fund.

In the event of an emergency, having updated information that is easily accessible is essential to successfully managing the situation. Using a safety solution that is designed to give you instant access to the information you need such as safety manuals and protocols can help your organization respond quickly and maintain business continuity even in the face of an emergency situation.

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