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Maximizing Capital Planning: The Benefits of a Facility Optimization Strategy in Today's Business Environment

What are the Benefits of a Facility Optimization Strategy in Today's Business Environment?

Facility Optimization is a critical strategy for organizations seeking to increase equipment reliability, decrease energy usage, and reduce operating costs. But today, it's no longer limited to these traditional goals.

With the help of innovative technology and software platforms, Facility Optimization has evolved to focus on connected buildings, preventive maintenance management, and enhanced asset performance.

Automating the Future with the Internet of Things (IoT)

It might sound like a dystopic vision for the future. Still, one of the key trends to watch in Facility Optimization is the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables building systems to leverage data from interconnected systems to enhance the building occupant experience. By collecting and recording data constantly, sensors feed software systems, which allow you to harness and interpret the data to gain better insight and ultimately find and fix problems before they happen.

Improving the Places Where People Live and Work

Another trend is space and user optimization, an automated process for identifying properties that can be vacated by moving the operations and assets within those properties to other properties that have suitable excess space. This approach allows facility managers to capture facility performance data and optimize physical assets based on real-time insights.

Unlocking Efficiency: How Analyzing Usage Patterns Can Optimize Your Entire Facility Asset Portfolio

Building automation is also a critical trend in Facility Optimization. A centralized Building Automation System (BAS) will seamlessly and automatically monitor essential facility functions, allowing facilities management and capital planning teams to analyze usage patterns and develop strategies for saving money and improving efficiency throughout their asset portfolio.

Why Facility Optimization is Crucial for Future-Proofing Building System Investments and Improving Efficiency in Capital Planning

Organizations can use optimization solutions such as FOUNDATION to future-proof their building system investments, save money, lower risk, and improve efficiency. With growing urban populations and increasing electricity usage, innovation in the built environment is more critical than ever. Therefore, facility Optimization is an essential strategy in the converging movement toward an integrated, unified, and interoperable facility capital planning environment.

Ready to future-proof your building system investments and optimize your facility's performance?

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