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Here's how we help Colleges and Universities make strategic decisions about capital planning

Do you feel held back by lack of time and budget and wish that you had a stress-free way to strategically manage physical assets and optimize long-term investments in your college and university buildings while also managing asset performance, mitigating risk, and reducing costs? 

We know that making strategic decisions that transform your educational institution in a way that enhances student experience, increases enrollment, and improves ROI is no easy task.

The Challenge

Financial officers of educational institutions are well aware of the struggle of facilities maintenance, capital planning, construction, and expansion. Around half of facility planning staff at US Universities have expressed that their current budgets and business models will not sustain the campus for over 10 years which is what is expected.

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As expenses rise and less funding is allocated to facility management and asset management, it is crucial that financial officers of educational institutions find ways to make planning and maintenance more efficient and effective. Most schools and educational facilities lack sufficient technological support for long-term facility maintenance, capital planning, and budgeting. Using a facility management software, such as FOUNDATION, can vastly improve the daily management of essential physical assets.

The Solution

Embracing technology is key for facility managers at colleges and universities. Structured and organized Facilities Management has the potential to improve the physical performance and appearance of a building and its systems, as well as to increase the users' level of satisfaction, and to improve the efficiency with which the building is maintained and operated.

Facilities leaders can address issues with the help of facilities management software, which enable you to clear the backlog of deferred maintenance, measure performance, and implement sustainable models for smart planning and capital investment that will better align your facilities department with the schools’ mission, so that you can achieve your goals and ensure the success of your educational institution for generations to come.

FOUNDATION is the only software of its kind to provide customized systems for evaluating a myriad of aspects of facilities, reports based on condition assessments, project planning for renovations and updates, spending oversight, and capital planning to properly align your needs and goals to your budget. FOUNDATION has been proven successful on over $50 billion in building and infrastructure plans ranging from large and small environments. It continuously improves budgets using feedback from project history.

Our FOUNDATION Solution is a mobile-native, cloud-based platform that makes it easy to sort through vast amounts of data points and gain new insights from it. With its automated recommendation engine, FOUNDATION tracks usage patterns of physical assets and makes asset-lifecycle predictions to find links that are not readily visible to the human eye, so that you can solve problems well before they mushroom and ultimately improve the lives of the people who use the facilities and infrastructure that you manage 

We are in a unique position to help our clients because we have over 20 years of experience in developing technology that identifies, documents, rates, and analyzes vast amounts of collected data points. Everyone on our team has deep industry experience and expertise and knows first-hand the challenges that this sector faces.  

With FOUNDATION higher education facilities of all sizes are empowered to plan for changes and maintenance, better serving their boards, their budgets, their employees, and their students.

Key Benefits: The FOUNDATION Solution


  • Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on
  • Capture the full picture of your facility operations in one integrated database
  • Track and analyze all work, assets and equipment from one dashboard


  • Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner
  • Make data-driven decisions to save your school time and money
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals and own your operations


  • View the full data story of your operations in one place
  • Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Join a community of education leaders; share and learn best practices

Improve student experience and increase enrollment with asset management and capital planning software specifically designed for K-12 and higher education institutions. From capital planning to ongoing facilities management, FOUNDATION by Intellis has proven functionality and capabilities to ensure that your campus facilities are always prepared to deliver on your school’s mission.

Ready to learn more about how Facilities Management and Capital Planning software by Intellis can empower you to achieve your educational institution's goals?

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