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Capital Planning for Colleges and Universities

Managing a large portfolio of facilities and infrastructure at colleges and universities is no easy task. Developing capital plans is an aspect of facilities management that many maintenance and engineering managers at colleges and universities often struggle with. Determining how funds should be spent is a complicated process.

How can your facility management team efficiently maintain an inventory of asset systems and major components that include system descriptions such as the year installed, asset life expectancy, projected replacement year, adjusted replacement year that is based on facility condition assessment data, condition rating, current replacement value as well as estimated renewal costs?

Learn how Intellis can empower college and university facility management teams.

You need a software partner that offers gold standard customer service and a high-quality product. A system that allows you to capture and track recurring renewals needs, non-recurring needs, photos, up-to-date condition rating, estimated renewal costs, remaining useful life and all associated data included in a detailed description.

  • Capture and track recurring (cyclical) renewal needs and non-recurring needs and associated data to include detailed description, photos, condition rating, estimated renewal cost, remaining useful life, etc.
  • Assess and monitor the current condition of facilities and infrastructure on campus
  • Forecast and plan for future capital renewal needs
  • Rank and prioritize needs and provide justification for funding
  • Display condition of facilities at given funding levels and the funding required to achieve target

The FOUNDATION Solution by Intellis is an integrated and flexible platform for managing operations, improving productivity, and enabling better decision making.

  • Flexibility to support your specific company practices and goals
  • Insight into which projects to fund and which to defer
  • Actionable plans to keep your facilities and operations in top condition
  • Alignment of facilities management with business goals
  • Data and reports to make strategic, confident business decisions and investments

FOUNDATION empowers colleges and universities to manage facilities and operations, mitigate risk, enhance efficiency, and enable better decision making, so that you can improve capital planning and strategically maintain your physical assets in order to deliver on your educational institution's mission.

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