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The top 3 tips for protecting empty buildings due to COVID-19

So many once busy buildings are now practically left empty or admitting only a few visitors a day. Now is the time to ensure all facilities and assets are protected by reviewing security measures and updating procedures.

COVID-19 has impacted the workplace like nothing before. This pandemic has dramatically changed the way we use the built environment. Schools, corporate offices, restaurants and places of worship now have limited visitors, if any at all. Many non-essential office workers continue to work remotely, while schools and some hotels have shuttered completely.

However, employees will eventually return to offices, stores, warehouses, and factories. Now is the time for companies to take advantage of vacant or near-empty workplaces to prepare for new ways of doing business.

1. Ensure security procedures are up to date

Security is still a top priority in order to ensure that all assets are protected. Even though the frequency of visitors has significantly changed, it is still vital to review all security systems to ensure a few measures are in place.

2. Align set-points with current building occupancy

Ensure that building and asset controls and control sequences are aligned with your organization's altered operating hours caused by coronavirus safety measures. Make sure that these altered building and asset controls are also adaptive to changes in load conditions. Review set points for HVAC controls, lighting controls and hot water. Ensure these are adjusted to reflect a low period or low load.

3. Tackle backlogged projects

If your facility management team is able to access the building safely and lawfully, this temporary pause in occupancy could be used proactively complete tasks that are difficult to do with a full occupancy load, from deep cleanings to deferred maintenance.

FOUNDATION is the only software of its kind to provide customized systems for evaluating a myriad of aspects of facilities, reports based on condition assessments, project planning for renovations and updates, spending oversight, and capital planning to properly align your needs and goals to your budget. FOUNDATION has been proven successful on over $50 billion in building and infrastructure plans ranging from large to small environments. It continuously improves budgets using feedback from project history.

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With FOUNDATION by Intellis, you can track data points across the board:

  • All reactive maintenance requests
  • Costs associated with reactive maintenance requests
  • All preventive maintenance requests
  • Asset life-cycle and current value based on overall depreciation

With these kinds of tools, facilities managers can increase performance, mitigate risk, and improve capital planning for physical assets, so that your company is empowered to more effectively plan for the future.

Key Benefits: The FOUNDATION Solution


  • Implement smart, automated software that you can rely on
  • Capture the full picture of your facility operations in one integrated database
  • Track and analyze all work, assets and equipment from one dashboard


  • Identify issues before they arise so you can create action plans sooner
  • Make data-driven decisions to save your school time and money
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals and own your operations


  • View the full data story of your operations in one place
  • Share reports quickly and easily to gain buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Join a community of education leaders; share and learn best practices

Improve occupant experience, mitigate risk, and increase ROI with asset management and capital planning software for facility managers. From capital planning to ongoing facilities management, FOUNDATION by Intellis has proven functionality and capabilities to ensure that your facilities and physical assets are always prepared to deliver on your organization's mission.

Ready to learn more about how Facilities Management and Capital Planning software by Intellis can empower you to achieve your institution's goals?

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