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Honoring Black History Month with 6 Innovators in Science and Technology

Happy Black History Month! To honor Black History Month we're celebrating black excellence in science and technology with these 6 awesome innovators.

Here's why 'digital transformation' is not just a buzz term for facility management

With growing urban populations and increasing electricity usage, there’s more demand than ever for innovation in facilities management.

How to be prepared for the next big wave of digital transformation in Facility Management

Digital transformation dominated the Facilities Management sector in 2019. When it comes to improvements around quality, production, and longevity of physical assets, digital transformation is an unfolding revolution that is set to continue throughout 2020. Here we discuss the top 5 Facility Management technology trends that you need to know about to be prepared for the next big wave of digital transformation.

The Ultimate Guide to Physical Asset Optimization for Facility Managers and Building Owners

The discipline of Facility Management is about more than managing property assets, it is crucial to achieving maximum value from workplace and environmental benefits that improve productivity and protect employees and consumers.

These are the top 3 ways Facility Managers benefit from using technology for condition assessments and capital planning

Embracing technology is key for facility managers who oversee multi-site facility portfolios with a lot of physical assets. Structured and organized Facility Management has the potential to improve the physical performance and appearance of a building as well as its systems. It will also increase occupants satisfaction, and improve the efficiency with which all buildings and assets are maintained and operated.

Digital Transformation in Capital Planning for Facilities

Emerging technologies are transforming the facility management industry in significant ways, particularly in terms of how data is collected and analyzed for capital planning. Here we discuss the top trends that are driving digital transformation in capital planning and asset management for facilities. 

Today is International Women's Day!

Remembering 5 notable women who have driven innovation in the Tech Industry.

The Future of Healthcare at HIMSS 2019

The Healthcare industry is one of the most innovative sectors that is currently in a period of rapid advancement. So the Intellis executive team spent last week meeting leaders at the annual HIMSS conference, a pivotal health IT event held in Orlando, which brings together over 45,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives, vendors, and patient advocates from around the world.

Implementing New Technology for Efficient Facilities Management

With growing urban populations and increasing electricity usage, there’s more demand than ever for innovation in the built environment.

This is Why Accurate Reporting is so Important

Accurate data in facilities management and capital planning reporting is important. The way managers present this data is even more important.