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Beyond the Buzzwords: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Facilities Management

How do new innovations in Information Technology (IT) impact Facilities Management (FM)? Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the Dark Web, but in this blog we are going to focus on Blockchain and explore the ways it could be applied to FM. At Intellis, we believe that mastery is a moving target, which is why we are constantly evolving our products and services to better serve your organization, and our development team has its eye on this exciting new technology!

Top 5 Areas of Compliance to Watch for Healthcare Facility Managers

Compliance is a critical concern in every aspect of the healthcare industry, and in particular, in the maintenance of facilities. When accrediting organizations, like The Joint Commission, arrive onsite for surveys, they examine everything and anything that impacts patient care and that includes facilities-related elements such as cleanliness, clearly marked and accessible exits, the facility's ability to minimize the effects of smoke and heat, safety equipment maintenance and so much more. Every day of the year, healthcare facilities management teams must be proactive about these compliance concerns. Once an inspection or survey is underway, it’s already too late to address facilities-related deficiencies.

3 Key Trends in the Facility Optimization Revolution

What is Facility Optimization?

How to Improve Patient Satisfaction Through the Healthcare Physical Environment

Now more than ever, patients have become more like consumers, and medical purchasing power has shifted from providers and insurers to the individual. This change has created a unique marketplace for healthcare services, which places a heightened emphasis on patient care as well as the physical environment's role in patient perception of the quality of care offered.

The New Reality: Climate Resilience and Healthcare Facilities Management

Climate change has become one of the greatest concerns of our time, especially for those who manage hospitals and healthcare physical assets and infrastructure. Designing buildings that are truly sustainable and resilient means taking into account the potential side effects of climate change.

Intellis CEO Steven Warshaw judges Columbia Venture Competition

Steve Warshaw, CEO and founder of Intellis (formarly Warshaw Group) is excited to participate in the Columbia Venture Competition, which awards funds to early-stage business ventures developed and founded by young Columbia entrepreneurs.