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How to develop capital plans for climate change?

How can capital planners prepare for climate change? Facility capital planners can prepare for climate change by integrating resilience frameworks and embedding climate risk assessments into Capital Improvement Programs. Now is the time for facility managers and capital planners to equip buildings and infrastructure for the impact of climate change.

What's the best way to prepare buildings and physical assets for winter?

How should Facility Managers prepare buildings and physical assets for winter? Preventive maintenance is key to preparing buildings and physical assets for winter, mitigating problems, and reducing overall costs.

Climate Resilience, Facility Management, and Capital Planning

What should Facility Managers and Capital Planners do to prepare for climate change? Climate change has become one of the most significant concerns of our time, as evidenced by the recent destruction caused by hurricanes, Henri and Ida. Therefore, properly maintaining infrastructure is extremely important, particularly as many weather patterns continue to change. More extreme climate disasters are increasingly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

How should K-12 Facility Managers prepare for the new school year?

What should K-12 facility managers do to prepare for the new schools year? The back-to-school season is quickly approaching. Now is the perfect time for K-12 school districts to prepare facilities for the upcoming school year. This blog discusses what K-12 facility managers should do now to prepare for the back-school season.

What is Green Building Technology?  Plus: The Top 5 Green Tech Trends Transforming Facility Management Right Now!

What is Green Building Technology? Green building technology uses advanced technologies to develop buildings with minimal impact on the environment throughout all lifecycle stages: from design, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation to demolition.

Happy Earth Day 2021!

Happy Earth Day! We're celebrating by discussing the intersection of Infrastructure, Climate Change, Facility Management, and the Built Environment.

What should Facility Managers do to prepare buildings for Spring?

What are the essential tasks that Facility Managers must do to prepare for Spring? As the seasons shift from the dark days of winter to the renewal of springtime, many areas across the United States experience variable climate change from savage spring downpours to rapidly melting snow and frost left over from winter.

Today is Global Recycling Day!

Today is Global Recycling Day! With a heightened sense of how vulnerable our planet, built environment, and infrastructure are in the face of climate change, at Intellis, we are highlighting Global Recycling Day in order to call attention to recycling as a key part of the circular economy.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Happy Earth Day 2020! This marks the 50th Anniversary since in 1970, a 25-year-old graduate student, Denis Hayes organized the very first Earth Day. The success of that event, which brought together 20 million Americans, helped to spark the modern environmental movement.

Top 3 Takeaways from #CollisionConf 2018

What were the top takeaways from this year's Collision Conference? Last week the #WeAreIntellis leadership team connected with the global tech community at Collision to learn about new technologies, innovations in SaaS and the power of robotics. After a week packed with events, panel discussions and meet-and-greets, we are feeling positive and excited about the future of tech!