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Driving Strategic Change: Re-Imagining Where Learning Takes Place at Higher Educational Institutions

The spaces and places where learning takes place on campus is changing. Now more than ever there is a growing desire for more flexible, reconfigurable learning spaces at colleges and universities that make better use of already available space without having to do renovation works, which is costly and time consuming.

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In a recent study conducted among management-oriented higher education associations in the United States, an increasing number of higher education leaders identify challenges associated with “aging and expanding facilities” as one of the top change drivers in the field. This concern was exceeded only by insufficient financial resources, changes in IT, and student demographics.

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In the same report, “insufficient facilities” were also cited among the critical issues impacting the success of higher education facilities. The study concludes with an acknowledgement that leadership is “a key ingredient that will ensure higher education’s future success and mitigate its threats.”

As teaching delivery models evolve, so have the spaces needed for learning. With the rise of smaller class sizes, which serve to increase collaboration, the need for traditional lecture halls has decreased. Now it is more likely that the lecture hall will sit empty while professors take their students into smaller classrooms that are more accommodating for interactive and collaborative learning.

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This change to the way students and educators interact has encouraged schools to re-imagine the ways in which they use their existing spaces in order to meet these evolving needs. It's not surprising that many universities are now conducting space utilization case studies in order to discover how to use existing space more effectively rather than building new facilities.

With the pace of technological change moving faster than ever, there’s a lot that can happen within a typical five-year (or longer) capital plan timeline. When it comes to the budget, there are a lot of elements that can go haywire, from natural disasters to general inflation.

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To combat these risks, it is essential to use technology like facilities management and capital planning software to get everyone on the same page regarding budget planning and preventive maintenance, so that your team is equipped with the right tools and data to mitigate risk, increase enrollment, and improve student experience.

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