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Intellis software improves buildings and promotes health and wellbeing of students and staff

The health of our buildings, particularly, k to 12 schools and colleges and university facilities, is more important than ever.

As the coronavirus continues to force changes to how the built environment is managed, smart updates, preventive maintenance, and thoughtful safety measures focused on health and wellness will be needed to help students and staff feel comfortable when returning to work.

Intellis can help transform the way you collect and mange data from facility condition assessments and empower you to develop justifiable capital plans that will improve school buildings and campus facilities.

Our software will help you justify your budgets and prioritize projects with smarter and more accurate asset data so that your campus facilities will be more sustainable, safer and accessible thus improving student experience.

With more accurate data, it is easier to prove your capital assets are essential to enhancing the cross-campus environments for teaching, learning, living and research, donors and grant holders will be proud to contribute support.

Intellis software will help you:

  • Decrease downtime and improve maintenance backlog
  • Identify high priority projects aligned with school district or university goals
  • Generate data-rich reports for funding proposals
  • Develop multi-year, strategic capital improvement plans
  • Align with the school district or university’s mission and budget
  • Give you an actionable capital plan that you can rely on

Learn more about how Intellis can help you navigate a smooth course for the future of your institution's facilities, schedule a demo with us today!

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