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How can I improve preventive maintenance for facilities?

How can I improve preventive maintenance for facilities planning?

Preventive maintenance is critical for optimal operational conditions for your organization's physical assets. This typically involves regular inspections to detect and correct defaults and repair deficiencies before a breakdown occurs. Here we discuss three tips for improving your organization's preventive maintenance program.

What is preventive maintenance for facilities planning?

Preventive maintenance for facility planning is predicting and preventing physical asset and equipment failure before it occurs. This is sometimes referred to as planned maintenance. To implement this upkeep method, facility technicians must conduct routine inspections and care for assets to ensure their uninterrupted reliability.

1. Take Stock of the Current Program

Before implementing any new facility management and capital planning software, your team must evaluate the current preventive maintenance program. Take stock of its strengths and weaknesses to determine your organization's most pressing needs. Some factors include preventative maintenance and work procedures, equipment history, inventory, and maintenance costs.

2. Plan, Measure, and Track

Start by setting benchmarks to measure maintenance performance and determine results. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) give you the power to place and monitor operational goals.

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It is essential to develop these performance measures for your preventative maintenance program. Focus on measuring the amount of preventative maintenance work completed versus all other work. Ideally, the hours spent on preventive maintenance should be the highest percentage of all the department's maintenance work.

Use your KPIs to track and measure your department's most essential items. Topics might include the time between failure, PM schedule compliance, unplanned maintenance, etc. Analyze these KPIs throughout the year to continually make improvements.

3. Be Data-Driven

Integrate tools into your program to obtain accurate data from your physical assets. This collected data can be stored and analyzed in your CMMS within all other available information and can deliver powerful insights.

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Data is critical in helping facility managers determine the best approach to motivating supervisors and technicians to stay on track with a high-functioning preventative maintenance program.

Why Intellis?

Implementing a preventive maintenance program is a proven strategy far less expensive than unplanned interventions.

Ideally, a successful preventive maintenance program will extend the life of valuable physical assets by predicting failures.

Your facilities' assets will wear over time, so it is essential to understand that preventive replacement before failure is far more cost-efficient than waiting for the potential consequences of a failure in service.

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