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Happy World FM Day!

May 15, 2019

From all of us at Intellis, Happy World FM Day! Today we celebrate FM professionals. Thank you to all the facilities management professionals who keep our built environment healthy, safe, and productive!

The purpose of World FM Day is to recognize all the vital work that facilities management professionals and the facilities management industry contribute to businesses worldwide. It aims to raise the profile of the facilities management profession across all industries where facilities professionals influence the health, safety, productivity and well-being of the people who utilize the built environment.

From Hospital and Healthcare facilities to education organizations, from sporting facilities to housing buildings, the facilities management profession touches nearly everyone, everywhere in some way.

This year’s theme is "Celebrating global ISO FM Standards", which acknowledges the milestone of creating the ISO 41000 series of Standards and Technical Report focussed on the global facilities management industry.

Facilities Management is a $1.15 trillion global industry with more than 65,000 professional and industry participants worldwide. World FM Day celebrates the significant contribution that facilities managers and executives make to the global economy and to our built environment!

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Here at Intellis it is our mission to harness the latest tech advancements with our mobile enterprise solutions, such as FOUNDATION, so that we can provide facility managers and facility executives with the best software solutions that empower them to manage and plan for healthy building and infrastructure operations while also reducing costs, improving productivity and boosting sustainability.

Listen to CEO Steven Warshaw talk about bringing all these new technologies together in a meaningful way on the FM Innovator Podcast >

We know that facility managers are tasked with balancing increased productivity demands with constraints on time and budget. By implementing an enterprise facility management solution such as Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution, facility managers are empowered to improve both the financial and operational outlook for their organizations.

Our cloud-based conditions assessment, project management, and capital planning software empowers you to optimize decision-making, manage risks, and build for the future of your facilities.

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