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A Game-Changer for Facility Condition Assessment: The FOUNDATION Solution

In today's rapidly evolving world with rising inflation and limited budgets, it is imperative to optimize facilities and physical assets by conducting comprehensive Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) to efficiently collect component data and develop accurate reporting, thus producing justifiable capital plans.

Streamlining Facility Condition Assessments: How FOUNDATION Solution Improves the Process

This blog discusses the transformative power of Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution and how implementing software improves the Facility Condition Assessment process.

Learn how the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) improved its FCA and capital planning efforts.

Join us as we explore the benefits of implementing the FOUNDATION Solution and discover how it empowers organizations to streamline data collection, generate comprehensive reports, and produce actionable insights so facility managers and capital planners can make informed decisions to optimize assets and improve buildings and grounds for occupants.

The Challenge: Addressing the Needs of Facility Condition Assessments

Conducting facility condition assessments can be daunting, requiring thorough inspections and detailed reports. Organizations must evaluate various aspects, including structural integrity, mechanical systems, electrical components, plumbing, and architectural conditions. In addition, many organizations must complete these assessments within a year, maintaining accuracy for subsequent inspections and generating comprehensive reports for effective long-range decision-making. The traditional approach often results in time-consuming assessments, inconsistent data collection, and limited reporting capabilities.

The Solution: Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution

Intellis solves these problems with The FOUNDATION Solution, robust software for improving and simplifying Facility Condition Assessment and Facility Capital Planning. Intellis developed the FOUNDATION Solution to address organizations' challenges when conducting these vital assessments. The platform empowered inspectors to gather assessment data efficiently using mobile devices. The software incorporated reference information, intuitive logic, and algorithms to guide inspectors during data collection. It also calculated crucial data points, such as the remaining useful life of facility components.

Intellis additionally delivered a device provisioning application for seamless data transfer between the server and over 45 field devices and a quality assurance application to ensure data accuracy. By leveraging mobile data collection and advanced reporting capabilities, FOUNDATION streamlines the facility condition assessment process, delivering efficient and accurate results.

Key Benefits of the FOUNDATION Solution: Powerful Software for Improving Operations, Mitigating Risk, and Enabling Justifiable Capital Plans

Streamlined Data Collection: The solution enables organizations to collect extensive data accurately and efficiently, ensuring a solid foundation for future assessments. The platform incorporates intuitive logic and built-in algorithms that guide inspectors during data collection, ensuring consistent and reliable results. 

Actionable Insights: FOUNDATION's integrated system allows organizations to gain actionable insights into their assets. It provides a condition-based rating system, assigning numerical values to buildings and components, highlighting existing deficiencies, recommended maintenance requirements, and long-term capital planning needs. This information empowers organizations to prioritize repairs and make data-driven decisions.

Condition-Based Rating System: The FOUNDATION platform enables organizations to assign numerical values from 1 to 5 for each building and component. This rating system provides insights into existing deficiencies, recommended maintenance requirements, and long-term capital planning needs.

Comprehensive Reporting: One of the standout features of FOUNDATION is its robust reporting capabilities. Organizations can generate comprehensive reports that provide detailed visual condition surveys, engineering assessments, remaining useful life of components, repair versus replacement recommendations, and cost estimates. These reports support effective decision-making and facilitate the development of capital improvement plans.

Improved Efficiency: Organizations significantly optimize the facility condition assessment by implementing FOUNDATION. Inspections can be conducted in an accelerated manner, with accurate and reliable data collection. The streamlined workflow and efficient reporting save time and resources, enabling organizations to focus on addressing critical maintenance and improvement needs promptly. 

Conclusion: Revolutionizing Facility Condition Assessment

FOUNDATION empowers organizations to make informed decisions about Facility Condition Assessment and Capital Plan Investments by streamlining data collection, generating comprehensive reporting, and delivering actionable insights. With efficient inspections, accurate data collection, and robust reporting capabilities, organizations can prioritize repairs, plan for long-term improvements, and optimize operations. 

Start your journey toward a streamlined and data-driven approach to Facility Condition Assessments and unlock the full potential of physical assets. Explore the transformative capabilities of Intellis' FOUNDATION Solution. Schedule a demo with Intellis today to learn how FOUNDATION revolutionizes facility management practices and paves the way to operational excellence.

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