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Top 3 Trends Impacting Corporate Real Estate Facilities Management

Corporate Real Estate properties are valuable capital assets that must be managed and optimized in order to grow. Here we discuss the top 3 trends impacting Corporate Real Estate Facilities Management and Capital Planning.

Top 3 Strategies for Successful K to 12 Facility Management and Capital Planning

Schools are valuable assets for their communities. They offer a central location for learning, sports, and gatherings. Each day, students, parents, faculty and other groups leverage their local school facilities to improve lives and further their educational mission.

How to Align Facility Capital Investments with Institutional Mission

Increasingly, institutions across all industries—from education to healthcare to government—want to align buildings and capital investments with the organization's mission. This requires a focus on different types of outcomes beyond reliability and efficiency. It is precisely aligning the facilities budget and capital investments with the overall strategic plan for the organization. This will enable the institution to be more impactful.

Celebrating Earth Day and the Built Environment

Happy Earth Day! Infrastructure is an environmental issue. The health of our buildings and infrastructure directly impacts the well-being of humans and the environment. In this way, maintaining the built environment—our buildings, dams, bridges, power grids, and transportation systems—is absolutely crucial.

Digital Transformation in Capital Planning for Facilities

Emerging technologies are transforming the facility management industry in significant ways, particularly in terms of how data is collected and analyzed for capital planning. Here we discuss the top trends that are driving digital transformation in capital planning and asset management for facilities.

It's Spring! Here are 5 facilities management tips for a fresh start this season!

It might not feel like it, but Spring is officially here! What can facility managers and building owners do to ensure their physical assets are prepared for the new season?

The 3 Essentials for Effective Condition Assessments

Effective Condition Assessments are essential for informed Capital Planning.

Today is International Women's Day!

Remembering 5 notable women who have driven innovation in the Tech Industry.

Tips to Improve Strategic Planning for Education Facility Executives

Recent studies have found that in the past decade institutional space in relation to the wealth and funding of higher education institutions is out of balance: Space growth is outpacing enrollment growth. The goal is to grow enrollment and increase space at about the same rate, however, since 2012, space growth has continued to increase while enrollment growth has remained flat. Why?

3 Tips for Improving Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance is key for maintaining optimal operational conditions for your organization's physical assets. This typically involves regular inspections in order to detect and correct defaults and repair deficiencies before a breakdown occurs. Here we discuss 3 tips for improving your organization's preventive maintenance program.