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Find out how software improves facility capital planning for Sports Complexes, Stadiums, Athletic Facilities, and Entertainment Arenas

How software improves Sports Arenas, Athletic Facilities, and Entertainment Stadiums?

Read this blog to discover how technology improves facility capital planning for Sports Arenas, Athletic Facilities, and Entertainment Stadiums.

Technology is essential for Facility Capital Planning in Sports Arenas, Athletic Facilities, and Entertainment Stadiums.

It is essential that sports arenas, athletic facilities, and entertainment stadiums maintain an environment that is safe, clean, and prepared to accommodate large crowds and multiple activities.

Stadium, arena, and facility managers, also called general managers, sports facility managers, or stadium operations executives, are responsible for the daily operations of an athletic complex. 

Facility managers are involved in sports facility planning, including the buying, selling, or leasing of facilities; facility redesign and construction; and the supervision of sports facilities, including the structures and grounds and custodial crews.

Athletic and sports facilities managers manage multiple stadiums, fields, and equipment, all with only a small team of maintenance technicians. As a result, athletic and sports facilities departments require a reliable tool to handle such a large operation. Unfortunately, traditionally sports facility managers have relied on a paper-and-pencil approach, which hinders efficiency.

With thousands of seats and a diversity of equipment at a sports arena, how can you manage day-to-day operations, evaluate project delivery needs, and plan for the future of your facilities?

By implementing a simple, easy-to-use web-based application such as Intellis' FOUNDATION platform, your facilities management team will be able to 

  • Extend physical asset life
  • Track maintenance costs, identify deficiencies
  • Prevent and predict equipment failures
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Reduce costly downtimes
  • Minimize investments in inventory 
  • Lower the total cost of maintenance

Here we discuss the benefits of using technology to manage and plan for the future of your sports complex, athletic facility, and entertainment stadium:

FOUNDATION offers facility managers innovative approaches to maintenance, condition assessments, and data collection with a specific emphasis on procurement, financing, capital planning, and operations.

FOUNDATION offers increased efficiency and visibility into sports and athletic facility operations. It empowers athletic facility managers to work smarter, faster, and more strategically. In addition, FOUNDATION gives you insight into asset data so that your administration can make better capital planning and staff decisions.

FOUNDATION eliminates the need to overstaff maintenance projects and gives your team the power to analyze your physical assets efficiently, identify deficiencies, and plan for the future. With FOUNDATION, you can feel confident in the health of your sports facilities and strategically manage your resources. You can transform how you plan, procure, and manage your athletic facilities with technology like FOUNDATION.

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