Intellis Helps Nation’s Largest Local Union With Mobile Canvassing




1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the nation’s largest local union, had trouble mobilizing its membership and effectively delivering its message in the field. With more than 300,000 members and 100+ field staff across 39 different offices, 1199 found difficulty communicating their positions to membership door-to-door and digitally. Field workers were unable to upload information until returning to the home office, resulting in delays in reporting, especially important on Election Day. In addition, management was unable to coordinate route changes among the staff in the field. This loss of control over field operations put the union at a significant disadvantage.


Building on their long-term partnership, 1199 and Intellis worked together to develop a mobile canvassing system that would meet the group’s needs. The result was OneVoice, a customized tool that allows route information and questionnaires to be distributed to field staff remotely. In addition, the staff can upload their collected data over wireless cellular networks, allowing management to see results in real-time. This instantaneous reporting enabled on-the-fly rerouting of field staff and a significant increase in data accuracy.

With OneVoice, 1199 can instantly update field workers' devices, giving them significant flexibility in selecting what messages they want to be delivered to their membership. Through the instant data transfers, 1199 has a distinct advantage over competitors on Election Day; they always have access to the newest, most accurate data.

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