A union employee benefit program. 

The National Benefit Fund (NBF) had an ongoing program to send children of 1199 SEIU members to summer camp as an employee benefit and was looking to automate this benefit across its membership.


Develop and implement an automated system to manage all administrative aspects of this program.

The program had grown over the years to the point where they were sending 500 to 600 children to camp annually. NBF needed to manage processes such as determining eligibility, interviewing, scheduling, and slotting children in one of 30 available camps. NBF’s previous method of administering the camp program was a paper method of recording and filing each individual child’s information. This resulted in much inefficiency, including not being able to gauge budgets in real time.


Intellis assisted NBF in automating their camp program with the following enhancements:
  • Performed business process analysis to develop automated case management processes for scheduling and determination of child eligibility
  • Implemented FOUNDATION data collection technology for computerized questionnaire development and deployment
  • Implemented a FOUNDATION communication/notification system for automated correspondence
  • Developed a budget component for automatic budget assessment
  • Performed data conversion and consolidation of pre-existing data
  • Implemented both mobile and desktop platforms for data collection

Solution & Benefits

The FOUNDATION solution allowed for the automation of the NBF summer camp program.

This solution resulted in time and cost savings and greater accuracy in placing children in camps. The system also allowed NBF to be able to efficiently track their camp budget every year and determine budgets in real-time. NBF’s system resulted in more accurate information being collected, fewer errors, and higher satisfaction for both NBF workers and program members.

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